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ŠUSS - an online resource for Slovenian language and linguistics

This online resource is intended for everyone interested in the Slovenian language and related linguistic issues. We try to provide clear, comprehensive and explanatory discussions of these topics in Slovenian.

ŠUSS started off as a language consultancy in 1998 but has since developed into a more comprehensive site with various information on Slovenian language and linguistics. In 2001, we collected the first two years of discussions in a book, published by Študentska založba (the discussions from the book are also available here). Since 2004, we have been publishing the journal ŠUSS with 10 discussions per issue. We invite you to explore the contents by browsing through the archive of past discussions or by using the search engine. The site also provides a list of relevant links and literature. If you cannot find the answer to your question in our database, send us an email.

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