Conference Timetable

updated 15. 9. 2001

Monday speaker subject
0830 Peterlin Al Opening
0900 Nick dr. Elizabeth Opening
0930 Hawlina Peter Opening
1030 BREAK
1100 Žigon dr. Zvone Who's Who in Slovenia (Dealing With Slovenes in the World)
1130 Granda dr. Stane Short History of Slovenia
1200 Drnovšek dr. Marjan Causes for Emigration from Slovenia
1330 Kalc Aleksej Emigrants Lists in the Port of Trieste and Other Italian Archives
1400 Cuillard Donna Ship Passenger Lists in the United States
1430 Klemenčič dr. Matjaž Slovene Settlements in the United States
1500 BREAK
1530 Jaka Okorn Emigrants in Australia
1600 Drame Leon Emigrants in my Files
1630 Stergar Rok Slovenians in the Austrian Army
0830 Žumer mag. Vladimir Fonds in State Archive
0900 Anžič mag. Sonja Fonds in Historical Archive Ljubljana
0930 Golec dr. Lilijana Fonds in Bishopric Archive Ljubljana
1000 BREAK
1030 Kover Gabor Fonds in Hungary
1100 Hozjan dr. Andrej Fonds in Styria
1130 Vogrin Marjan Fonds in Western Slovenia
1200 Lunch
1300 Ruhri dr. Alois Fonds in Austria
1330 Modrušan mag. Martin Fonds in Croatia
1400 Košir dr. Matevž Land Records
1430 Break
1500 Keber Janez Origin of Names
1530 Košir dr. Matevž Gothic Script Workshop
1600 Azmann Harald W. FHS (LDS Church)
1630 Pisanski dr. Tomaž Six Years of Genealogy and Heraldry in Slovenia
1700 Plautz George The SGS Website
0830 Repic Ed Ongoing SGS Projects, An Overview
9000 Plautz George SGSI Website and Internet Resources
0930 Hawlina Peter Computer Resources and Reference Files of SGS
1000 Break
1030 Skender Edward History of Gottschee
1100 Pruente Kate Genealogical Research in the Country of Gottschee
1130 Krisch ing. Erik Tracing Gotschee Family Names in Slovenia
1200 Lunch
1300 Ferenc dr. Mitja Gotschee History
1330 Južnič dr. Stanislav History of Kostel area
1400 Butina Vasja Genealogy Handbook
1430 Break
1500 Lapajne dr. Branka Experiences of a Professional Researcher
1530 Jisa Rose Marie State Chapter Organization/Activities
1600 Peterlin Al SGSI Resources and Closing Remarks