Emigrants in my files

Leon Drame


In my speech I will present the emigrants in my files which include 63,000 persons of parishes Cerknica, Rakek, Begunje, Sv. Vid, Grahovo, Planina, Knežak, Trnje and Košana. There are also a few emigrants from parishes Hrenovice, Studeno, Logatec and Stari trg who I gathered from lists of relatives and family information of some emigrants listed as having left for the USA in the census records (Status Animarum kept by the parishes). Of the emigrants and their descendants, 8,000 were born in their "new" country.

First emigrants left this area for Croatia, particuraly Slavonija. Emigration to USA began In about 1884. Most emigrants from Rakek and Cerknica settled in Johnstown PA. Majority of emigrants from parishes Planina, Studeno and Hrenovice emigrated to Brasil; most of these emigrants returned to Slovenia because of difficult conditionis in Brasil.

Almost every 10th house was sold and the entire familly moved to USA. Of the other households, over 90 percent of fathers (heads of household) emigrated to USA for a few years. After their return they bought forest, fields and machinery for farming with the money earned in the United States.

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