Who is Who in Slovenia Dealing With Slovenes in the World

Dr. Zvone Žigon, Office of the republic of Slovenia for Slovenes Abroad,


The 5th article of the Slovenian Constitution deals with the concern of the motherland for Slovenes, living out of its political-geographic borders. Not only on the basis of this paragraph, but also in the light of the fact that almost the fifth part of Slovenes live out of the Republic of Slovenia, there are numerous institutions and associations which are trying to preserve Slovenian ethnic and cultural identity in the world.

After a »Yugoslav« period of selected and marginalized support to Slovene emigrants, the situation changed in the last 11 years. Institutions in Slovenia face change of the generations and the image of the »Slovene in the World« and an increasing need of better organization of this questions in Slovenia.

Genealogy is one of important fields to be defined, too.

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