Recent Researches of Registers in Slovenian Styria and Prekmurje

Dr. Andrej Hozjan

In the last two decades the researching interest for baptismal-, marriage- and death registers in Slovenia had rapidly increased. Especially from 1993 on when the registers had been returned by the state into the hands of Slovenian catholic church. So the Bishopy of Maribor – Lavant organized the new Department of registers in the Škofijski arhiv Maribor/Bishopy Archive Maribor. Carefully watching over the books and helping the visitors – over 400 per year – are its preoccupations. In January 1999 the Archive has published Vodnik po matičnih knjigah Škofijskega arhiva Maribor/Index of Registers in Bishopy Archive Maribor, which includes the latest overall status of registers also at the parishes of our Bishopy.

More studies and researches have been recently published about those registers. Prof. dr. Jože Koropec and prof. dr. Jože Mlinarič, two historians from Maribor, are the leader experts on that field for the territory of eastern Slovenia. Also the first steps are made about the registers for Prekmurje.