Computer Resources and Reference Files of SGS

Peter Hawlina


A large percentage of the members of SRD are using computers while conducting their genealogy research. The main tool is the computer program. Most users in Slovenia are using an American program, Brotherís Keeper, which has been translated into the Slovenian language.

One of SRD's largest and most valuable resource collections are the many individual data collections about individuals and families. Most of those family records are available to all members. There are at least 200.000 persons in those files. A large database is being accumulated in a new Personal Computer that was purchased for Society needs and is installed in the office of Svetovni Slovenski Kongres. Other tools are also installed on that PC, including, the complete telephone directory of Telekom Slovenia.

Other data collections produced by members or groups can also be used as a reference tool, such as Archive Guides. The guide for the Slovenian parish archives published in 1975 has been scanned and digitized. Although a more recent guide to the main church archive in Ljubljana is now available, the 1975 publication remains the most thorough documentation available for multiple sources. Some status animarum were also entered into computer files, and so were several indexes of births and marriages. We have also produced digitized dictionaries of names, place names, causes of deaths and similar useful indexes. One useful computer file is the list of members of Mohorjeva druzba, for the year, 1900.

We maintain two basic genealogy web sites with many chapters. This will be covered by the webmasters.