Historical Archive Ljubljana and its archive material interesting for genealogical researches

Sonja Anžič


The Historical Archive Ljubljana (Zgodovinski arhiv Ljubljana) is one of the six regional Archives in Slovenia. It has developed from the Municipal Archive of Ljubljana (Mestni arhiv ljubljanski) which was founded in 1898. Since 1966 has the range of the Archive gradually extended to the whole of central Slovenia (from Jesenice, through Ljubljana and its surroundings to Idrija, Novo mesto and Metlika) and so has changed its organizational structure and the name. Today comprises six archives units.

The archive material interesting for genealogical researches in the Historical Archive Ljubljana are first of all the population censuses, than the certificates of origin (citizenship) and the school catalogues, too. In the paper will be presented and shown these documents with the practical instructions how and where (at which archive unit) to ask for them.

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