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Our web site is considered a web portal rather than a web library. By this I mean that once you click on our homepage it will take you to many other web pages, which are not located on our server. A web library holds information that pertains to the content of a web page. It is meant as storage of raw, indexed, or transcribed data for review. For example a web page for a University Library may contain all the information contained therein. You won’t be getting references to web pages of other web libraries or portals. Our web site then is meant to take you the user, out on the Internet highway, where you will encounter information particular to our web content, which is Slovenian genealogy, culture, and history.

Having said that, Welcome to the home page of the Slovenian Genealogy Society International, Inc.!

The homepage of SGSI, Inc. contains links to specific chapters of information or files.

The first file welcomes visitors to the SGSI, Inc home page.

The second file or chapter provides the SGSI, Inc. statement of purpose.

The third file is an invitation to join us.

The fourth file or chapter is a region that is reserved for our membership.

The fifth file leads to our chapter home pages where you can contact a chapter president or view content specific to the chapter’s geographic area.

The sixth file or chapter leads researchers to the SGSI, Inc. Online Research Guide. The Online Research Guide provides links to web pages specific to genealogy research.

The seventh file provides information on our preservation project fund raising.

The eighth file or chapter of our web content deals with traditional Slovenian food and/or references to it.

The ninth file provides references to Slovenian music on the Internet.

The tenth file provides resumes for translation services and translation news.

The two largest files or web chapters are the SGSI, Inc. Members only and Online Resources Guide.


The Members Only page provides links to the current year newsletter. It provides links to Membership Resources.

Membership resources consist of the following Internet based documents:

Slovenian Letter Writing Guide

Researching your Slovenian Ancestors in America

Researching your Slovenian Ancestors in Slovenia

Canadian Resources Only

Sources for Research in Trieste, Italy

The Members Only page provides links to the indices of the Narodni Adresar. In 1937, Ivan Mladineo prepared a book, Narodni Adresar (National Directory of Croat, Slovene, and Serb Organizations), listing the officers of the fraternal organizations extant at that time. It was a snapshot of the times and the individuals who were officers of those organizations in 1937. This is an excellent early listing of all Yugoslavs in the U.S. and the fraternal organizations to which they belonged. Included are the four principal officers of each group: President, Vice president, Secretary, and Treasurer. Groups are listed by: State, City, and fraternal organization.  It is an excellent resource. 

The Member Only page provides access to the CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP NETWORK. The membership directory provides information on members and chapters.   Members should send their research surnames to the web-master for inclusion on the Internet Surname Index in the Online Resources Guide. 

The ONLINE RESOURCE GUIDE consists of the following chapters or files:

1. Internet Newsletters (include all the past issues of SGSI, Inc.)

2. Bulletin Boards and Queries

3. Immigrant Destinations (USA) Bulletin Boards

4. Digitized Indices

5. Digitized Obits (a new file with only one contributor thus far.)

6. Digitized Periodicals.

7. Internet Surname Index

8. Research Resources (Specifically for Slovenians or people of Slovenian ethnic xtraction)

9. Personal Homepages of Slovenian or Slovenian ethnic descent.

10. General Genealogical Info. (links to web sites which are pertinent to genealogists in a general sense.

ONE: SGSI, Inc. newsletters are published four times a year and often contain queries, articles of information, or stories by our fellow genealogists regarding their own experiences and travel. The Society began publication of a newsletter in 1987; there are 52 issues to read. The earlier editions have the four issues combined into one article.

TWO: Bulletin Boards are the world’s most popular message medium. These are devoted to areas of interest for a genealogist from Slovenia or of Slovenian extraction. I have written significantly about bulletin boards in the last issue of the SGSI Newsletter.

THREE: Immigrant destinations cover areas of the United States, which are home to large concentration of Slovenian immigrants. These bulletin boards pertain to a geographic region and provide information of interest to second generation Americans of Slovenian descent whose ancestors originated in different parts of the United States.

FOUR: The Digitized Indices is a section, which provides links to all of the SGSI, Inc. transcribed indices projects. The Society maintains projects, which are added to this data from time to time. You will find indices for Americans in America by Trunk, Church History or Jubilee books, and drustva history books, to name only a few.

FIVE: Digitized Obits is a new file and consists of one contributed obituary. As more contributions arrive they will be uploaded to this file.

SIX: The Digitized Periodicals section provides links to all articles or books, which have been transcribed and uploaded to the Internet. Contents include Novi Svet magazines, St. Joseph’s Jubilee book, and a selected history of the Dioceses of Sault Ste. Marie and Marquette, in Michigan.

SEVENTH: The Internet Surname Index was created by myself to provide a media for the gathering of surnames and geographic regions which are of interest to Slovenian people or people of Slovenian descent. The file has grown by leaps and bounds. Several individuals have found new relatives or links to their Slovenian ancestors.

EIGHTH: Research resources comprise at least twenty or more links to various web pages that contain significant information of interest to our genealogists and researchers. I will cover those links farther on in this article.

NINTH: The homepage links provided herein are to individuals who trace their ancestry to Slovenia. Whenever I find a new link I add it. This is sort of like the Internet Surname Index in that it could lead family members to each other. They also are a teaching medium for others who are anticipating creating their own home page.

TENTH: These general genealogical aids are links to organizations, which provide information that could be of assistance to our genealogists and researchers. There are references to the major web sites like Ancestry, Family Search, Family Tree Maker, Facts pages for phone numbers and genealogy, and the Ellis Island site.

The Research Resources page contains links to all sorts of information that is important to our genealogists and researchers. They provide links to instructional books or papers, geographic interpretation, maps and gazetteers, guides to pronunciation of the Slovenian language, home pages of fellow genealogy societies, organizations all over the world, Slovenian language Internet version newspapers, home pages of specific Slovenian regions, and traveler aids for money conversion and language among others.

· Doing Genealogical Research on Slovenian Roots (Pete Hawlina)

· Researching you Slovenian Ancestors (Branka Lapajne)

· A List of Towns in Slovenia and Microfilm Records (A-L) with Alternate Spellings and Microfilm Summary

· A List of Towns in Slovenia and Microfilm Records (M-Z) with Alternate Spellings and Microfilm Summary

· A List of Slovenian versus Austrian Placenames (Gazeteer for the Ljubljana/Laibach Region)

· A Summary of Family History Library Microfilm on Slovenia (Part 1)

· A List of Parish Names in Slovenia (A-P)

· A List of Parish Names in Slovenia (R-Z)

· Information on Parish Books in Slovenia

· A List of Slovenian First Names with English counterparts (Male and Female)

· A List of the Most Frequent First and Last Names in Slovenia (Alphabetical Order)

· A List of the Most Frequent First and Last Names in Slovenia (Order of Frequency)

· A Description of characters and pronunciation rules for the Slovene Alphabet

· Personal Fonds (Surnames) Archives in Slovenia

· Family Fonds (Surnames) Archives in Slovenia

· Locate Places on a Map of Slovenia

· A List of Different Names for Places in Slovenia and Elsewhere

· Primorski Dnevnik (Homepage of Italians of Slovene descent)

· Slovenian Regional Archives at Maribor

· Carantha News Archive

· The Archives of Yugoslavia

· Slovene Literature

· Gottscheer Heritage and Genealogy Association

· Gottscheer Homepage

· A List of Gottschee Villages

· Villages of Gottschee

· Sickness Dictionary (German-Slovene-English)

· Slovene Archives

· Historical Archives in Ljubljana

· Nadskofijski Arhiv in Ljubljana

· Catholic Church in Slovenia

· Local Catholic Church History & Genealogy (Slovenia)

· Homepage of Slovenia

· Skupnost Arhivov

· Slovenkso Rodoslovno Drustvo (President: Peter Hawlina) Genealogy Society of Slovenia

· Genealogy and Heraldry Homepage (Webmaster: Tomas Pisanski)

· Slovensko rodoslovje Homepage (Webmaster: Janez Toplisek)

· Obcina Brezovica (Municipality of Brezovica)

· Sv. Vid

· Brezje

· Our Lady of Brezje

· Welcome to Slovenija (Dobrodosiliv Slovenjii)

· Slovenia Subject Index

· Slovenian On-Line

· Destination Slovenia

· Benvenuti in Slovenia (Welcome to Slovenia)

· Slovenia's Quiet Beauty (LA Times)

· Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia (Washington DC)

· American Slovene Congress

· Canadian Slovenian Congress (Kanadski Slovenski Kongres)

· Slovenian National Benefit Society (SNPJ)

· Slovenian Women's Union (SWU)

· All Slovenian Cultural Committee

· Slovenski Park Home Page

· Travlang

· Slovene for Travelers

· Austria (Cyndi's List)

· Ljubljanske Novice

· Primorske Novice

· Katice (Slovenian ethno music recordings)

· Zoo Ljubljana

· Kabi doo

· Glasilo (The Voice of Canadian Slovenians)

· Bela Krajina Home Page

· Postcard from Bela Krajina

· My Slovenia (shopping website)

· The Full Universal Currency Converter (Converting Tolars to Dollars)

· FXConverter (Travel Cheat Sheets for Converting Tolars to Dollars)

· Currency Converter (

· Slav World

· Slovenian License Plates

Currently, we are considering the installment of our own bulletin board, a web pages index, and cosmetic changes to our chapter home pages. I welcome all comments and suggestions, just email me at