Nagle Nano 1718 - 26.4.1784
Irska nuna se je šolala v Parizu. Med leti 1755 in 1771 je skrbela za sedem katoliških šol. Na Irskem je uvedla red Uršulink. Močno je vplivala na Edmonda Ricem, ki je ustanovil red Irskih krščanskih bratov. 24. decembra 1775 je ustanovila red "Presentation" z namenom izobraževati revne otroke v pokrajini Cork. Red se je hitro širil. Leta 1833 je bilo na Irskem že 27 samostanov reda. Danes se samostani tega reda nahajajo na vseh kontinentih.

Nano Nagle was born in Ballygriffin. She was educated in Paris and returned to Ireland in 1746 and between 1755 and 1771 maintained seven schools of Catholic education. She introduced the Ursuline Order of nuns to Ireland in 1771 and was major influence on Edmund Rice, the founder of the Irish Christian Brothers. She is buried in the goriunds of the South Presentation Convent, Cork. The Presentation Order was founded by Nano Nagle on 24th December, 1775, for the purpose, in the first instance, of educating the childrens of Cork, especially the poor. The order expanded repidly and by 1833 there were 27 Presentation convents in Ireland, Today there are numerous Presentation foundations in all five continents. 

                            IE - 325/326

NAGRA Parminder 5.10.1975 -
Angleška filmska in televizijska igralka je znana po svoji vlogi Jess v filmu Bend It Like Beckham iz leta 2002. Na znamki GB-3606 je tudi
Keira Knightley.

Parminder Kaur Nagra is an English film and television actress, known for playing Jess in the 2002 film Bend It Like Beckham. On stamp GB-3606 is also Keira Knightley.

                           GB - 3606

Naipi Bule 1920 - 1944
Albanska partizanka.
Na znamki
AL-2053 je tudi Persefoni Kokedhima.

Albanian partisan.
On stamp
AL-2053 is also Persefoni Kokedhima.

        AL - 2053

Nalkowska Zofia 10.11.1884 - 17.12.1954
Ena najpomembnejših poljskih pisateljic proznih realističnih del z psihološko globino. Znana romana sta Meja (Granica, 1935) in Medaljon (Medaliony, 1946) o nemški okupaciji Poljske.

Born in a family of intellectuals dedicated to the socialist cause, she was to become one of Poland's most distinguished writers of prose, characterized by realism and psychological depth. Writer of novels on social and psychological themes, such as Granica (Boundary Line, 1935) and Medaliony (Medallions, 1946), about the Nazi occupation of Poland.

          PL - 1985

NEACHTAIN Ni Bríd 1959 -
Irska igralka je bila rojena v Galway in je od leta 1999 članica Abbey Theatre Company. Njene najbolj znane vloge so: Translations, Mary Makebelieve, Boss Grady`s Boys, The Mai, Lower Depts, Rider to the Sea, Playboy of the Western World in druge. Za vlogo Caitrione v v filmu Cre Na Cille je bila nominirana za najboljšo irsko filmsko in televizijsko igralko.

Brid is a native of Galway and was member of the Abbey Theatre Company until 1999. Amongst her favourite productions were: Translations, Mary Makebelieve, Boss Grady’s Boys, The Mai, Lower Depths, Riders to the Sea, The Playboy of the Western World (Hong Kong Arts Festival). Bríd played Rose in the world premiere of Dancing At Lughnasa (Abbey Theatre, Royal National Theatre, West End and Broadway). She has also worked extensively with Taidhbhearc Na Gaillimhe, most notably in Cré Na Cille (for which she was nominated for an Irish Times/ESB Award for Best Actress , 2003) and more recently in feature film version of Cre Na Cille as the central character Caitriona, directed by Robert Quinn for which she has been nominated for a Best Actress Award in the Irish Film and Television Awards 2008.

IE - 1830

Nedeva Zlatina 1877 - 1941
bolgarska igralka

Bulgarian actress.

BG -

NEDKOVA Vera 1908 - 1966
Bolgarska slikarka ena najbolj znanih bolgarskih slikark je v 30-tih letih 20.stoletja diplomirala na dunajski univerzi za umetnost. Tu se je srečevala z znanimi slikarji  Kokosko, Grossom, Schilejem. Spoznala je tudi Freuda.
Na znamki BG-4849: Akt.

Bulgarian painter Vera Nedkova  is one of the brightest figures in the Bulgarian art. She graduated in painting from the Vienna Academy of Arts in the 30s. At that time she met Freud, famous painters Kokoska, Gross, Schile. On BG-4849: Nude.

BG - 4849 

NEGRI Ada 3. 2. 1870 - 11. 1. 1945
Italijanska pesnica in pisateljica. Njena prva pesniška zbirka Fatalitŕ (1892), je potrdila njen ugled pesnice.  Njena druga zbirka pesmi Tempeste (1896) govori o nemočni tragediji zapuščenih revnih. Njen edini roman je avtobiografsko delo Stella Mattutina je bil objavljen leta 1921.

She was an Italian poet and writer. Her first volume of lyrics, Fatalitŕ, (1892) confirmed her reputation as a poet, and led to her appointment to the normal school at Milan. Her second book of poems, Tempeste (1896), tells the helpless tragedy of the forsaken poor. Her only novel an autobiographical work, Stella Mattutina (Morning Star) waspublished in 1921.

             I - 4033

Negri Pola 31.12.1894 - 31.7.1987
Poljska filmska igralka s pravim imenom Barbara Apolonia Chalupiec je najprej nastopala v varšavskih gledališčih. Kot filmska igralka je prvič nastopila 1914. V sodelovanju z režiserjem Lubitschem je postala velika zvezdnica nemega filma. Pozornost je vzbujala tudi z ljubezenskimi aferami, z R. Valentinom, C. Chaplinom. Pomembnejši filmi: Oči mumije Ma (1918), Madame Dubarry (1919), Sumurun (1920), Gorska mačka (1921), Mazurka (1935), Hi Diddle Diddle (1943).

Born Appolonia Chalupek, she was brought up by a single mother in a Warshaw slum. As a teenager, she trained the Imperial Ballet School, debuted with the Imperial Ballet as a cygnet in Swan Lake, and danced in lead roles. She quit dancing after a bout with tuberculosis, then took up acting, which she studied at the Imperial Academy of Dramatic Arts in Warshaw. In 1913 she madeher stage debut as an actress, and within a year she appeared in her firs film. Soon she was a top screen star in Poland, prompting director Max Reinhardt to invite her to appear in his stage play Sumurum in Berli.  Flooded with contract offers from Hollywood, she moved to America in 1923. She thusbecame Hollywood`s first inported star. Her exotic, misterious, passionate qualities caught on with American audiences, and she made numerous popular films.  She turned to Europe. She became popular again in Germany after starring in several films there. She was ordered barred from films because she was thought to be part Jewish, but Adolf Hitler personally overruller this decision due to his fondness for the mother-love film Mazurka 1935, which he reportedly watched anoce a week fot its taerjerking affects on him. She settled on the French Riviera, then she returned to the US in 1941 after the Germans invaded France. In 1951 she became a US citizen. After 1941 she appeared in only two additional films.

        PL - 3585                  MAN - ?2018

Negrone Carina 20.6.1911 - 19.3.1991
Italijanska pilotka je dovoljenje za letenje dobila leta 1933. Z vodnimi letali je dosegla veliko različnih rekordov. S hidroplanom je s 5544 m dosegla ženski višinski rekord. Leta 1935  je izzvala francosko pilotko Marise Hilz, ki je imela ženski višinski rekord 11.289 m v razredu »hidroplan razreda C". Poletela je z rimskega vojaškega letališča in dosegla višino 12.043 m kar je bil absoluten ženski višinski rekord. Po drugi svetovni vojni leta 1954 je Carina poskusila doseči rekord v nepretrganem poletu. Letela je približno 30 ur od Brescie v Italiji do Luxorja Egiptu. S povprečno hitrostjo 299 km/h je preletela razdaljo 3000 km.

Italian pilot obtained her pilot`s licence in 1933. She obtained many records with seaplanes and ampfibian crafts. She reached a female world record height (5.544m), in the category 'seaplane class C'. On 20 June 1935 Carina was ready to challenge the French woman Marise Hilsz, who had gained the female world record height (11,289m) in 'seaplane class C'. She took off from Rome military airport and reached the height of 12,043m, an absolute record for women. After the Second World War, in 1954 Carina tried a new record in non-stop flying in an amphibian. She flew for about 30 hours, and covered the distance of 3,000km - from Brescia in Italy to Luxor in Egypt - at an average speed of about 299km an hour.

          I -2432

NemcOva Božena 4.2.1820 - 21.1.1862
Češka pisateljica s pravim imenom Barbara Panklova je živela v nesrečnem zakonu s precej starejšim uradnikom Nemcem. Ustvarjala je na prehodu iz romantike v realizem, velja za utemeljiteljico moderne češke proze. Pisala je domoljubne pesmi, prirejene češke in slovaške pripovedke. Najbolj znano delo je avtobiografski roman Babica (1855) (na znamki CZ-424). Druga pomembna dela: zbirka Ljudske bajke in pripovedke (1845-47) in povesti Dobri človek (1858).
Na znamki CZ-1936 je ilustracija iz njenega dela: Čudežni konj češkega slikarja Jozefa Lada.

She was one of the most influential Czech writers of the final phase of the Czech National Revival movement.She was born as Barbora Pankel in Vienna. In her childhood she lived in the village of Ratibořice, where her grandmother Magdalena Novotná played an important part in her life. Němcová would later write her most famous novel Babička (The Grandmother - on stamp CZ-424). with the main character inspired by her grandmother
On stamp CZ-1936 is ilustration from her work The magic Horse.
 CZ - 424                       CZ - 620-621                     
CZ - 1323               CZ - 1936

Neris Salomeja  17.11.1904 - 7.7.1945
Litvanska pesnica, ki so jo klicali "litvanski slavček", je ena najpopularnejših litvanskih pesnic prve polovice 20. stoletja. Svoje lirične pesmi je pisala pod vplivom ustnega narodnega izročila. V mladosti je bila verna rimokatoličanka. V 30.tih letih pa je postala komunistka. Začela je pisati pesmi v podporo Sovjetski zvezi.

Often called "the nightingale of Lithuania," Salomeja Neris was one of the most popular Lithuanian poets of the first half of the twentieth century. The lyrical quality of her poetry was influenced by the oral folklore tradition. In verses that often have a confessional tone, like private letters or diaries, Neris created a poetic autobiography that many Lithuanian readers substituted for the actual events of her life. A devout Roman Catholic as a youth, in the 1930s she became a Communist and wrote poetry in support of the Soviet Union.

 SU - 1740

Nesbit Edith 15.8.1858 - 4.5.1924
Angleška pisateljica je začela je kot pesnica. Ko pa se je poročila s novinarjem Blandom je začela pisati popularne romane in otroške zgodbe kot so:  The Story of the Treasure Seekers (1899), The Would-Be-Goods (1901), Five Children and It (1902), The Railway Children (1907). Njeno zanje delo je roman The Lark (1917).
Na znamki GB-
1760 je prizor iz njenega dela The Pheonix and the Carpet.

Edith Nesbit  English autor. Her literary career she began with poetry. After married journalist Bland she turned to popular fiction and children`s stories: The Story of the Treasure Seekers (1899), The Would-Be-Goods (1901), Five Children and It (1902), The Railway Children (1907). Her last novel was The Lark in 1917.
On stamp
GB-1760 iz ilustration from her work The Pheonix and the Carpet.

            GB -

Nesterenko Julija 15.6.1979 -
Beloruska atletinja, olimpijska zmagovalka na OI 2004 Atene v teku na 100 m (na znamki BY-561). Bila je beloruska prvakinja leta 2002.
Na bloku
BY-561 so še ostale beloruske dobitnice olimpijskih medalj na OI v Atenah: Natalija Helah in Julija Bičik, Jekaterina Karsten ter Natalija Cilinskaja.

Belarusian athlete, won gold medal on OG 2004  in Athens in women's run 100m (on stamp BY-561). She was the champion of Belarus in 2002.
On labels of
BY-561 are Belarus women olympic medals: Natalija Helah and Julija Bičik, Jekaterina Karsten and Natalija Cilinskaja.

                                         BY - 561

Neuber Friederike Caroline 9.3.1697 - 30.11.1760
Prva velike nemška igralka je bila ključna pri popularizaciji resne drame v 18. stoletju v Nemčiji. Pri 20-tih je pobegnila tiranskemu očetu in se poročila z dramskim igralcem Johann Neuber. Skupaj sta nastopala v Spiegelbergovi igralski družini. Leta 1727 sta skupaj s kritikom Johannom Christoph Gottschedom ustanovila svojo skupino, kjer so uprizarjali nemška dramska dela, ki so slonela na francoskih osnovah. Uprizarjali so dela nadarjenih nemških dramatikov, vključno s prvo dramo Gottholda Lessinga Der Junge Gelehrte (1748).

Friederika Carolina Neuber, b. Carolina Weissenborn, Germany's first major actress, was instrumental in popularizing serious drama in 18th-century Germany. At age 20 she fled a tyrannical father to marry actor Johann Neuber, and together they joined the Spiegelberg acting troupe. In 1727 the Neubers organized their own company and, in collaboration with the critic Johann Christoph Gottsched, worked to establish a specifically German dramatic literature based on French models. They premiered the works of talented German playwrights of the day, including Gotthold Lessing's first play, Der junge Gelehrte (1748).

     GDR - 1735              D - 908

NEUMANNOVA Katerina 15. 2.1973 -
Češka tekačica na smučeh je osvojila 6 olimpijskih medalj: na OI 1998 v Naganu srebrno medaljo na 5 km klasično in bronasto na 10 km prosto; na OI 2002 v Salt Lake srebrno na 15 km prosto in v kombinaciji; na OI 2006 v Torinu pa zlato na 30 km prosto in srebrno v zasledovanju. Osvojila je tudi številne medalje na svetovnih prvenstvih. Je prva Čehinja, ki je sodelovala na letnih in zimskih olimpijskih igrah. Na letnih OI 1996 ja nastopila v gorskem kolesarjenju.
She is a Czech cross country skier. She won 6 Olympic medals: on OG 1998 in Nagano silver at 5 km classical and bronze at 10 km free; on OG 2002 in Salt Lake silver at 15 km free and combination;  on OG 2006 in Turin gold at 30 km free nad silver at pursuit. She also won many medals on world shampionships. She is the first Czech woman to appear in both a Summer and Winter Olympics. At the 1996 Summer Olympics, she participated in the mountain biking event.

        CZ - 467

NEVALA Maria-Liisa 24.4.1943 -
Direktorica finskega narodnega gledališča.

Director of the Finnish National Theatre.


                          FI - 2017

Nevejean Yvonne 15.11.1900 - 10.8.1987
Nevejean Yvonne  je diplomirala socialne in politične znanosti. Postala je inšpektorica in kasneje voditeljica "Oevre nationale et L`Enfance". Ta položaj ji je omogočil, da je potovala po Evropi in pomagala judovskim družinam, ki so jih preganjali nacisti. Tako je rešila na tisoče judovskih otrok pred smrtjo v nacističnih koncentracijskih taboriščih.

Nevejean Yvonne graduated in social and political sciences and became an inspector and later assistant manager for "Oevre nationale et L`Enfance". Due to her position was able to help Jewish families who were being persecuted by Nazis, saving thousands of jewish children from certain death in German concentration camps.

             B -

Newby Hilda 1897 - 1969
Fotografinja z otoka Man je ena izmed ustanoviteljev društva fotografov otoka Man leta 1938. Bila je poklicna fotografinja s studiem v Prospect Hill, Douglas. Učila se je pri pri Langfierju slavnemu dvornem fotografu. Hilda in njen mož Robert sta 44 let do leta 1969 fotografirala lokalne prebivalce, obiskovalce in slavne. Ena od njihovih najbolj fotografij je študija The Laughing Flower Girl, za katero sta prejela 40 nagrad in je visela na razstavah po vsem svetu, med drugim na mednarodni razstavi v New Yorku. Na znamki Man-454 je njena fotografija: Studio portret.

On the 2nd November 1938, a photographic club "Isle of Man Photographic Society" was formed. The first President was the Reverend E.H.Stenning. Another Founder Member was Mrs Hilda Newby who was a professional photographer with a studio in Prospect Hill, Douglas. She served her apprenticeship with Langfier, the famous Court Photographer. Hilda and her husband, Robert, spent 44 years until 1969, photographing local people, visitors and the famous. One of their most famous studies was The Laughing Flower Girl which won 40 awards and was hung in exhibitions throughout the world, including the International Exhibition in New York.
On stamp
Man-454 : Studio Portrait

           Man - 454

NEYKOVA Rumjana 6.4.1973 -
Bolgarska veslačica je na OI leta 2000 osvojila srebrno medaljo v enojcu, na OI 2004 bronasto medaljo in na OI 2008 zlato medaljo v isti disciplini.

She is a Bulgarian rower. At the 2000 Summer Olympics she won silver medal in Single Sculls, at the 2004 Summer Olympics she won bronze medal and at the 2008 Summer Olympics she won gold medal in the same discipline.

               BG - 4830

Fotografinja z otoka Man. Na znamki: Manx Rock.

Manx photographer: Manx Rock.

            Man - 988

NiedeRkirchner Kathe 7.10.1909 - 27/28. 9.1944
Žrtev nacističnih taborišč se je rodila v Berlinu. Delala je kot krojačica. Leta 1925 se je pridružila mladinski komunistični zvezi, leta 1929 pa nemški komunistični partiji (KPD). Leta 1933 je s svojo družino emigrirala v Sovjetsko zvezo kjer je še naprej delala kot krojačica in se nadaljno izobraževala. Po nemški invaziji na Sovjetsko zvezo, se je javila kot prostovoljka za delovanje v Nemčiji. Oktobra 1943 sta z zetom Wilhelmem Pieckom sin-v-zakon iz sovjetskega letala skočila na Poljskem, kjer naj bi dobila vezo s komunisti v Berlinu. Toda na poti so ju odkrili. Theodorja so ustrelili v koncentracijskem taborišču Sachsenhausen, Käthe pa v koncentracijskem taborišču Ravensbrück.

Born in Berlin she learned the trade of tailoring. In 1925 she joined the Young Communist Federation and in 1929 the German Communist Party (KPD). In 1933 she emigrated to the Soviet Union with her family and continued working as a tailor while attending several study courses. After the German invasion of the Soviet Union, she volunteered for action in Germany. On October 1943 she and Wilhelm Pieck’s son-in-law, Theodor Winter, parachuted down from a Soviet airplane, landing in Poland. They were supposed to make contact with communists in Berlin, but were discovered on the way to the city. Theodor Winter was executed by firing squad in Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Käthe Niederkirchner was executed by firing squad in Ravensbrück concentration camp. 

GDR - 716

Nielsen Asta 11.9.1881 - 25.5.1972
Danska gledališka in filmska igralka je kariero začela v danskih gledališčih in na turnejah po Skandinaviji. Na filmu se je uveljavila po 1910. V letih 1911-14 je snemala v Nemčiji, nato v domovini, po letu 1918 pa zopet v Nemčiji. Bila je ena najbolj priljubljenih igralk nemega filma, upodabljala je ženske v dramatičnih konfliktih in tragičnih situacijah. Pomembni filmi: Prepad (1910), Vešča (1911), Uboga Jenny (1912), Hamlet (1920), Propad (1922), Pusta ulica (1925).

Asta Sofie Amalie Nielsen also known as Die Asta, was a Danish actress, mostly appearing in German silent films during the 1910s and 1920s. She was nicknamed The Silent Muse. She studied acting at the Royal Theatre School of Copenhagen. She became the most famous stage actress across Scandinavia while she toured. In 1909 director Urban Gad encouraged her to become a silent screen actor and she starred in the 1910 film Afgrunden (The Abyss). The film was a success so she was encouraged to continue making silent films. Nielsen and Gad soon married then moved to Germany. She worked in film until talkies became popular, continuing acting only on stage.

DK - 1125                 DK-1236

NIELSEN Camilla 1972 -
Grenlandska slikarka se je rodila v Esbjergu. Študirala je na Ecole National Superieure de Beaux Arts v Dijonu, Francija, v Art School v Nuuk, v Bachelor of Fine Arts v Nova Scotia College of Art in v Halifaxu v Kanadi. Na znamki Grenlandija-538 je njena slika: Okno v svet.

Painter from Greenland was born in Esbjerg. She has studied at the Ecole National Superieure de Beaux Arts in Dijon, France and has taken training at the Art School in Nuuk. In 2003 she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Nova Scotia College of Art and Designe in Halifax, Canada. On stamp
Greenland-538 is her painting: Window to the World.


                Greenland - 538

NIELSEN Anne Marie 21.6.1868 - 21.2.1945
Danska kiparka je najraje upodabljala domače živali in ljudi z močnim naturalističnim prikazom njihovega gibanja in čustvovanja. Upodabljala je teme iz nordijska mitologije. Je ena prvih priznanih žensk kipark. Poročena je bila z znanim skladateljem Calom NIelsom. Na znamki DK-1570 je njen kip: Kraljica Dagmar

She was a Danish sculptor. Her preferred themes were domestic animals and people, with an intense, naturalistic portrayal of movements and sentiments. She also depicted themes from Nordic mythology. She was "one of the first women to be taken seriously as a sculptor," a trend-setter in Danish art for most of her life. She was married to the prominent Danish composer Carl Nielsen. On stamp DK-1570 is sher sculpture: Queen Dagmar.


               DK - 1570

Nightingale Florence 12.5.1820 - 13.8.1910
Angleška bolničarka je ustanoviteljica moderne bolniške nege, pionirka pri higieni in sanitarnem delu. V krimski vojni je za britansko vojsko organizirala nego ranjencev in bolnikov. Zaradi strogih sanitarnih in negovalnih standardov, ki jih je uvedla, se je močno zmanjšalo število žrtev. Leta 1860 je ustanovila šolo za bolničarke. Ta je postala vzorec za moderno šolanje bolničark. Leta 1907 je bila kot prva ženska odlikovana z Britanskim redom za zasluge.

The English nurse Florence Nightingale is considered, because of her dedication to the care of war victims, the founder of modern nursing and a pioneer in sanitation and hygiene. She was  appointed supervisor of nursing at British army hospitals during  the Crimean War.  Her nursing care in Turkey and the Crimea  revolutionized army medical care, greatly reduced mortality rates, and brought about strict sanitary and nursing standards.  In 1860 she established a school for training nurses that became  a model for modern nursing training.  Her major works include: Notes on Matters Affecting the Health, Efficiency, and Hospital  Administration of the British Army (1858).  In 1907 she became the first woman awarded the British Order of Merit.

     B - 498                         GB - 539                           H - 4049                       D - 225

             Jersey -1540
                                                        Alderney - 382-397

NIGRINOVA Vela 14.11.1862 – 31.12.1908
Srbska igralka se je rodila v Ljubljani. Leta 1882 je brez znanja srbskega jezika odšla v Beograd. Vendar je že mesec dni kasneje igrala vlogo Deborah na odru Narodnega gledališča. Lepa, dobro - zgrajena, z močnim glasom in temperament je odigrala številne vloge v svojem kratkem življenju, od liričnih in dramatičnih ljubimk, koket in tragičnih junakinj. Bila je Marguerite Gautier, Juliet, Desdemona, Jokasta, Jelisaveta, Sapho, Ana Karenjina, Theodora. Milan Grol je dejal da se je doba primadon na srbskem odru končala z Vela Nigrinova. Umrla je v Beogradu kjer je pokopana. Poročena je bila z Davorinom Jenkom, skladateljem, ki je živel in delal v Beogradu.

Serbian actrees was born in Ljubljana. In 1882, she arrived in Belgrade with no knowledge of the Serbian language. However, one month later, she played the role of Mosental’s Deborah on the stage of the National Theatre. Pretty, well – built, with a powerful voice and strong temper, Vela played a big repertoire for her short acting life. She interpreted roles of lyrical and dramatic lovers, coquettes and tragic heroines. She was Marguerite Gautier, Julia, Desdemona, Jokasta, Jaksic’s Jelisaveta, Daudet’s Sapho, Ana Karenjina, Sardou’s Theodora. Milan Grol concluded that “the Prima Donna epoch on the Serbian stage ended with Vela Nigrinova”. She died in Belgrade, and was buried upon her will according to Orthodox tradition.

RS - 287

NilsSon Vera 1.6.1888 - 13.5.1979
Ena najpomembnejših švedskih slikark 20. stoletja. Najbolj je znana kot slikarka, vendar ustvarjala tudi skice in risbe, ki jih je vključila v svoje razstave. Bila je učiteljica risanja na Tehnični šoli v Stockholmu. Študirala je v Göteborgu in Parizu. Potovala je po Italiji, Španiji, Estoniji in ZDA. Malo razstav, ki jih je imela še za časa življenja so navdušile javnost. Je edina ženska članica Kraljeve akademije za likovno umetnost v Stockholmu.

Vera Nilsson is one of the most acclaimed Swedish 20th century artists. She was born in Jonkoping. Trained as a drawing teacher at the Tehnical School in Stockholm. She studied in Goteborg and Paris. She traveled to Italy, Spain, Estonia, USA. The few exhibitions that took place during her lifetime attracted a large and enthusiastic public. She is best known as a painter, but Vera Nilsson herself often included sketches and drawings in her exhibitions. She is the only woman member of Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm.

                S - 1496

Nilsson Birgit 17.5.1918 -  25.12.2006
Švedska operna pevka je debitirala z vlogo Agate v Čarostrelcu leta 1946. Kasneje je nase opozorila z vlogo Lady Macbeth v operi Macbeth. Prve večje uspehe v tujini je dosegla kot Elektra v Mozartovem Čarostrelcu, z interpretacijo Izolde na bayreuthskem festivalu (1957 in 1959) in Turandot v milanski Scali (1956-59) pa je zaslovela po vsem svetu. Kot dramski sopran je bila ena najboljših interpretinj wagnerjanskih vlog z natančno intonacijo, čistim glasom in igralsko prepričljivostjo. Nastopala je vse do svojega 60. leta.

The Swedish dramatic soprano Birgit Nilsson  is best known internationally for her Wagnerian roles, particularly as Brunnhilde in The Ring of the Nibelung. She studied singing in Stockholm, and from 1947 to 1951 she sang with the Stockholm Opera. She performed at the Glyndebourne Festival (England) in 1951 and sang Elsa in Lohengrin and Isolde in Tristan and Isolde at the Bayreuth Festival in 1954 and 1957, respectively. Nilsson has appeared on most of the major opera stages of Europe. She made her American debut at the Hollywood Bowl in 1956, subsequently appearing with the San Francisco Opera and the Chicago Lyric Opera. Her Metropolitan Opera debut, as Isolde, took place in 1959. One of her biggest triumphs is her interpretation of the title role in Puccini's Turandot, which she first sang in Paris in 1968. Nilsson received (1968) the Medal for the Promotion of the Art of Music from the Stockholm Royal Academy of Music.

              S - 1162

NIN Anais 21.2.1903 - 14.1.1977
Ameriška pisateljica rojena v Franciji si je ustvarila mednarodno slavo s svojimi spomini, ki jih je objavljala v letih od 1931 do 1974 in so pripoved o odkrivanju nje same. Vse do leta 1960 je bila v veliki meri prezrta. Danes velja za eno izmed vodilnih avtoric 20. stoletja in ena prvih žensk ki so opisovale erotiko.

American French-born novelist, passionate eroticist and short story writer, who gained international fame with her journals. Spanning the years from 1931 to 1974, they give an account of one woman's voyage of self-discovery. Anaďs Nin was largely ignored until the 1960s. Today she is regarded as one of the leading female writers of the 20th century and a source of inspiration for women challenging conventionally defined gender roles.

                                                                      UN - Geneva - 902-907

Nisbet France 1761 - 1831
Prva žena angleškega admirala Horatia Nelsona. Poročila sta se 11.3.1787 vendar sta se ločila, ko je Nelson začel ljubezensko vezo z Emo Hamilton.

She was first wife of Nelson. married on 11th march 1787. She was born in the West Indies and died later in isolation. The couple separated after Nelson began an affair with the real love of his life, Lady Ema Hamilton.

      GI - 840

NITSCHOWA Ludwika 6.12.1889 - 28.3.1989
Poljska kiparka.
Na znamki PL-907 je njen kip Sirena.
Na znamki PL-912 je njen kip Marie Sklodowske-Curie.

Polish sculptor.
On stamp
PL-907 is her statue: Siren.
On stamp
PL-912 is her statue of Maria Sklodowska-Curie.

          PL - 912             PL - 907

Noailles Anne de 15.11.1876 - 30.4.1933
Francoska pesnica romunskega plemiškega rodu je napisala tri romane, avtobiografijo in več pesmi. V začetku 20. stoletja je imela v Parizu salon, kjer se je zbirala intelektualna in umetniška elita, med drugimi Francis Jammes, Paul Claudel, Colette, Andre Gide, Jean Cocteau in drugi. Številni znani umetniki med njimi tudi Rodin so jo upodobili v svojih delih. Je prva ženska dobitnica francoske legije časti. Po njej se imenuje tudi ena od nagrad Francoske akademije.

She was a member of the exiled Romanian royalty and an accomplished writer. She wrote three novels, an autobiography, and a number of poems. At the beginning of the 20th century, her salon on the Avenue Hoche in Paris attracted the intellectual, literary and artistic elite of the day including Francis Jammes, Paul Claudel, Colette, Andre Gide, Jean Cocteau and others. So popular was de Noailles that various notable artists of the day painted her portrait. In 1906 her image was sculpted by Rodin and can be seen today in the Musse Rodin in Paris. Anne de Noailles was the first woman to become a Commander of the Legion of Honor and the Academie Francaise named a prize in her honor.


       F - 1998

NÖEL Margali 27. 6. 1932 - 23. 6. 2015
Francoska igralka in pevka. V letih 1951 do 1980 igrala v več italijanskih filmih v režiji Federica Fellinija, za katerega je bila najlčjubša igralka. V letih 1980 do 2002 je nastopala tudi v televizijskih filmih. Svojo pevsko kariere je začela leta 1956 v Franciji. Njena najbolj znana pesem pa je bila Fais-moi mal, Johnny.

She was a French actress and singer. She acted in multilingual cinema chiefly from 1951 to 1980, appearing in several Italian films directed by Federico Fellini, for whom she was a favourite performer. Her career extended to television movies from roughly 1980 to 2002. Her recording career began in France in 1956, and her most famous song was Fais-moi mal, Johnny ("Hurt me Johnny").

         F - 6889

NÖEL Marie 16.2.1883 - 23.12.1967
Francosko pesnico (pseudonim Marie Rouget) smatrajo za najbolj katoliško pesnico svojega časa. Globoko versko občutenost povezuje z močnim občutkom za kmečko lepoto rodne Burgundije. Rodila se je v Auxerru, kjer je preživela vse življenje. Svoje pesniške zbirke je izdajala v rednih časovnih presledkih: Les Chansons et les heures (1920), Les Chants de la merci (1930), Chants et psaumes d'automme (1947)...

Noël Marie (pseud. of Marie Rouget) was French poet widely recognized as one of the foremost Catholic poets of her time. She allies a profound religious sensibility with an intense feeling for the rustic beauty of her native Burgundy. Born at Auxerre, she lived there for the rest of her life publishing collections of poems at regular intervals (including Les Chansons et les heures, 1920; Les Chants de la merci, 1930; Chants et psaumes d'automme, 1947).

      F - 2071

NÖEL Suzanne 8.1.1878 - 31.1.1954
Ena prvih francoskih plastičnih kirurgov je bila znana po svoji učinkoviti tehniki pri "liftingu" obraza - "majhna operacija". Bila je tudi zelo aktivna feministka, kar je bilo zelo radikalno za kozmetično kirurginjo. Je ustanoviteljica Soroptimist International Europe (SIE).

She was one of the first French plastic surgeons and was known for her efficient face lift technique, the “petite operation.” Noël was also a very active feminist, a philosophy which was considered radical for a practicing cosmetic surgeon.  She is the founder of Soroptimist International of Europe (SIE).


          F - 6958

NOLAN Louisa


                          EI - 75 avt.                                 EI - 2177

NOOR Viive 7.10.1955 -
Estonska ilustratorka otroških knjig, akvarelistka.

She is a Estonian children books illustrator and water-colourist.


                          EE - 664

Nordenflycht Hedvig-Charlotta 28.11.1718 - 29.6.1763
Prvo pomembnejšo švedsko pesnico, feministko in lastnico salona imajo pogosto za prvo samostojno pisateljico na Švedskem. Odraščala je v plemiški družini uradnikov, kjer je pridobila dobro izobrazbo, saj je lahko že zgodaj brala dela filozofije in teologije v latinščini in nemščini. Svoje prve pesmi je napisala pri dvajsetih. Posvečene so bile kralju Prusije leta 1740.  Leta 1753 so jo izvolili v Tankebyggarorden - literarno akademijo v Stockholmu, kjer je postala vodilni član.  Kot feministka je bila strastna zagovornica izobraževanja žensk.

She is the first Swedish woman poet of national importance, feminist and salon-hostess, often called the first self-supporting female writer in Sweden. She grew up in a noble family of officials and was given a good education where she early read philosophy, theology, Latin and German. She began her works in her twenties and wrote a poem dedicated to the throne accession of the king of Prussia in 1740. From 1753 she was elected and became a leading member of the Tankebyggarorden, a literary academy in Stockholm. As a feminist, she was a passionate defender of female education.

           S - 1448

NORIS Assia 26.2.1912 - 27.1.1998
Rusko italijanske filmska igralka se je rodila kot Anastasia Noris Von Gerzfeld. V obdobju 1932 - 1965 je nastopila v več kot 35 filmih. Leta 1936 je igrala v filmu L' Uomo che sorride Maria Mattoli, leta 1937 pa v filmu
Il signor Max.

Assia Noris was a Russian-Italian film actress. Born Anastasia Noris Von Gerzfeld, she appeared in over 35 films between 1932 and 1965. She starred in films such as the Mario Mattoli 1936 film L' Uomo che sorride and Il signor Max (1937).

            I - 2607 

NORONHA Maria Teresa de 7.11.1918 - 5.7.1993
Portugalska pevka fada in aritokratinja. Njena umetniška kariera je trajala več kot 30 let. Njen glas velja za enega izmed najbolj nenavadnih in lepih fado glasov.

She was a Portuguese aristocrat and a fado singer. Her artistic career spanned over 30 years and hers is considered one of the most unusual and beautiful fado voices.


                  P - 3686

Norton Mary 10.12.1903 - 29.8.1992
Mary Norton  je svoje otroštvo preživela v lepi gregorjanski hiši, ki je postala prizorišče dogajanj v njenih zgodbah. V Ameriki je v času druge svetovne vojne napisala The Magic Bed-knob (1943). Leta 1952 pa je napisala prvega od štirih delov The Borrowers (na znamki GB-1761), za katere je prejela Camegie medaljo.

Mary Norton  spent her childhood in a splendid Georgian house which evantually became the setting for her stories, The Borrowers. During World War II she published The Magic Bed-knob (1943). In 1952 she wrote The Borrowers (on stamp GB-1761) which won a Camegie medal and had four sequels.  

             GB -

NOTARA Sapho 1907 - 11.6.1985
Grška igralka je v filmskih komedijah igrala teto ali gospodinjo. Vodila je radijski program I Kiria Kiriaki. Eden njenih zadnjih nastopov je bil nastop v gledališki predstavi Pornografija leta 1981.

She was a Greek actress, known for supporting capabilities in acting. In Greek movies, she acted in comedies as an aunt or a housewife. Notara had a radio programme called I Kiria Kiriaki. One of her last theatre appearances was in the play Pornography (1981).

GR - 2645

Notburga sv. (st.) 1265 - 16.9.1313
Notburga je zavetnica malih in neopaznih. Zanj je pomembna tako ljubezen do boga kot bratska ljubezen. Je zavetnica Tirolske. Živela je v času, ko je Rudolf Habsburški zasedel nemški prestol in je Meinhard II vladal Tirolski. Takrat je obstajala ogromna razlika med bogatimi in revnimi. Sv. Notburga je imela srce za uboge. Njeno ime, sestavljeno iz nemških besed "Not" (kriza) in "Burga" (zavetje), ponuja zaščito v težkih časih.

Patroness of poor peasants and servants in the Tyrol. Born in Rattenberg, in the Tyrol, she was the daughter of peasants. At eighteen she became a servant in the household of Count Henry of Rattenberg When Notburga repeatedly gave food to the poor, she was dismissed by Count Henry’s wife, Ottilia, and took up a position as a servant to a humble farmer. Meanwhile, Henry suffering a run of misfortune and setbacks, wasted no time restoring Notburga to her post after his wife died. Notburga remained his housekeeper for the rest of her life, and was famous for her miracles and concern for the poor. Although long venerated in the western and Adriatic parts of the Austrian Empire, Notburga was never officially canonized. In March 1862, however, Pope Pius IX formally confirmed her ancient cult and her saintly title.

         A -
2290                     A - 2753

NOTHOMB Amelie 9.7.1966 -
Belgijsko frankofonska romanopiska je preživela del otroštvo v Aziji. Njeni romani so uspešnice in so prevedene v več jezikov. Za svoje delo je prejela odlikovanje The Order of the Crown in naziv baronica, ki ji ga je podelil belgijski kralj Philippe. Za svoj roman Strah in tresenje je bila nagrajena leta 1999 z veliko nagrado za roman francoske akademije. Leta 2015 je bila izvoljena za člana kraljeve akademije za francoski jezik in književnost Belgije.

Belgian Francophone novel writer spent part of her childhood in Asia. Her novels are among the top literary sales and have been translated into several languages, which earned her the title of Commander of the Order of the Crown and the title of Baroness bestowed upon her by King Philippe of Belgium. Her novel Fear and Trembling won the Grand Prize of the novel from the French Academy in 1999, and in 2015, she was elected member of the Royal Academy of French Language and Literature in Belgium.

                 B - 4024

NOVAK Ilona 16.5.1925 -
Madžarska plavalka in olimpijska prvakinja je na OI leta 1948 v Londonu osvojila 4. mesto na 100m hrbtno in 5. mesto v štafeti 4 x 100 m prosto. Na OI v Helsinkih leta 1952, je osvojila zlato medaljo na 4 × 100 m prosto. Njena sestra je Eva Novák.
Na bloku
H-5319 so tudi: Valéria Gyenge, Ágnes Keleti, Margit Korondi, Éva Székely, Eva Novák, Judit Temes, Katalin Szőke in Mária Littomeritzky.

She is a Hungarian swimmer and olympic champion. She competed at the 1948 Olympic Games in London, where she finished 4th in 100 m backstroke, and 5th in 4 × 100 m freestyle relay. At the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki, she received a gold medal in 4 × 100 m freestyle relay as captain of the Hungarian team. Her sister is Eva Novák.
On sheet
H-5319 are also: Valéria Gyenge, Ágnes Keleti, Margit Korondi, Éva Székely, Eva Novák, Judit Temes, Katalin Szőke and Mária Littomeritzky.


NOVAK Éva 8.1.1930 - 30.6.2005
Nekdanja madžarska plavalka, sestra Ilona Novák je osvojila leta 1948 bronasto medaljo na OI v Londonu in  tri medalje na OI v Helsinkih leta 1952.
Na bloku
H-5319 so tudi: Valéria Gyenge, Ágnes Keleti, Margit Korondi, Éva Székely, Ilona Novák, Judit Temes, Katalin Szőke in Mária Littomeritzky.
She is a former swimmer from Hungary, and the younger sister of Ilona Novák, who was also a famous swimmer for her native country. She won three medals at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, after a bronze four years earlier in London.
On sheet
H-5319 are also: Valéria Gyenge, Ágnes Keleti, Margit Korondi, Éva Székely, Ilona Novák, Judit Temes, Katalin Szőke and Mária Littomeritzky.



NOVIKAVA Nastassia 16.11.1981 -
Beloruska dvigalka uteži je na OI 2004 v Atenah osvojila peto mesto v kategoriji do 53 kg. Na svetovnem prvenstvu 2007 je bila druga v kategoriji do 53 kg. Skupaj je dvignila 213 kg. Na OI 2008 v Pekingu pa je osvojila bronasto medaljo. Leta 2010 je bila evropska prvakinja z osebnim rekordom 238 kg.
Na znamki BY-819 je Aksana Miankova.
Na labelah BY-blok-77 so ostale beloruske prejemnice medalj na OI 2008 v Pekingu: Jekaterina Karsten, Inna Zhukova, Julija Bičik, Natalija Helakh, Natallia Mikhnevich, Nadzeya Ostapchuk, Alina Tumilovich, Anastasia Ivankova, Glafira Martinovich, Ksenia Sankovich, Olesya Babushkina, Zinaida Lunina.

She is a weightlifter from Belarus. At the 2004 Summer Olympics she ranked fifth in the 53 kg class. At the 2007 World Weightlifting Championships she won the silver medal in the 53 kg class, lifting a total of 213 kg. She won the bronze medal in the Women's 53 kg event in the 2008 Summer Olympics. She won 2010 European Championship with personal best of 238 kg.
On stamp
BY-819 is Aksana Miankova.
On labels of sheet BY-blok-77 are also other Belarus women winners of medals in OG Bejing: Jekaterina Karsten, Inna Zhukova, Julija Bičik, Natalija Helakh, Natallia Mikhnevich, Nadzeya Ostapchuk, Alina Tumilovich, Anastasia Ivankova, Glafira Martinovich, Ksenia Sankovich, Olesya Babushkina, Zinaida Lunina.

                BY - blok-77, BY - 819

Novy Lili 24.12.1885 - 7.3.1958
Pesnica in prevajalka Lili Novy  po materi Slovenka, po očetu pa nemškega rodu, je bila rojena v Gradcu. Od tam so se preselili v Ljubljano. Sprva je pisala nemško poezijo in se najprej uveljavila kot odlična prevajalka Prešerna v nemščino, in obratno, Goetheja v slovenščino. Pod vplivom slovenskega okolja, še posebno ob sugestivnosti Gradnikove ženske erotične poezije, pa je začela pesniti tudi v slovenščini. Njene pesmi so doživljajsko močne, jezikovno in oblikovno pa do vseh potankosti dognane. Ko je izšla njena pesniška zbirka Temna vrata (1941), so na vseh straneh po Evropi že bobneli topovi velike vojne.

The poetess and translator, Lili Novy  whose mother was Slovene and father German, was born in Graz. She came to Ljubljana and settled in the old part of the town. At first she wrote German poetry, and is still considered an excellent translator of Preseren into German, and of Goethe into Slovene. Influenced by the Slovene environment, especially the suggestibility of Gradnik's female erotic poetry, she began also to write poetry in Slovene. Her poems are adventurously powerful, in language, form and every detail. When her collection of poetry "Dark Doors" (1941) was published, the cannons of the great war were already thundering.

                SI -

Nuri Hadžič Bahrija 4.3.1904 - 24.9.1993
Bosanska operna pevka - sopranistka je osnovno glasbeno izobrazbo je pridobila v Sarajevu in Beogradu. Na Dunaju je študirala pri T. Lierhamer. V letih 1928 - 31 je pela v Bernski operi v Švici. Postala je slavna in so jo vabili po vsej Evropi. V letih od 1931 do 1960 je bila primadona Beograjske opere. Ustvarila je številne nepozabne vloge različnih karakterjev: Aida (G. Verdi), Leonora v operi Il trovatore (G. Verdi), Manon u istoimenski operi Julesa Masseneta in Charlotte v operi Werther istega skladatelja, Salome (R. Straussa), Minnie v operi G. Puccinia La Fanciulla del West, Jenufa in mnoge druge.

Bosnian opera singer - soprano.

BA - 45

NYBRATEN Helene Inger 8.12.1960 -
Norveška tekačica na smučeh je bila aktivna v 80. in 90. letih 20.stoletja. V štafetah je osvojila tri olimpijske medalje: dve srebrni (leta 1992 in 1994) in zlato leta 1984 v štafeti na 4x5 km.
Na znamki N-1030 je norveška ekipa, ki je na OI 1984 v Sarajevu osvojila zlato medaljo v štafeti 4 x 5 km: Nybraten Helene Inger, Britt Pettersen, Aunli Berit, in Anne Jahren.

She is a former Norwegian Cross-country skier who competed in the 1980's and 1990's. She won three relay Olympic medals: two silvers (1992, 1994) and a gold medal (1984) in 4 x 5 km relay (the complete team is on stamp N-1030: Berit Aunli, Britt Pettersen,  Inger Helene Nybraten and Anne Jahren). Nybrĺten's biggest successes were at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, where she earned one gold (4 x 5 km: 1982), one silver (4 x 5 km: 1995), and four bronzes (15 km: 1995, 4 x 5 km relay: 1989, 1991, and 1993). She also won six World Cup events from 1984 to 1995.

            N - 1030

gor - up