Vacarescu Elena 21.9.1864 - 17.2.1947
Romunska pesnica in piusateljica je pisala v francoščini. Imela je afero z romunskim prestolonaslednikom kasnejšim kraljem Ferdinandom, zato je bila izgnana v Pariz, kjer je preživela ostanek življenja. Izdala je pesniških zbirk: Chants d'aurore (1886), za zbirko je dobila nagrado francoske akademije; L'Âme sereine (1896); Lueurs et flammes (1903); in Dans l'or du soir (1928). Napisala je tudi nekaj romanov. Leta 1925 je bila izvoljena za častnega člana romunske akademije.

Elena  was a poet and novelist who wrote in French. A maid of honour of Queen Elizabeth of Romania, she had a love affair with the Crown Prince (afterward King) Ferdinand; the marriage was opposed by King Carol I, and Elena was exiled to Paris, where she spent the rest of her life. She published many volumes of lyrical verse: Chants d'aurore (1886, Dawn Songs), for which she was awarded the prize of the French Academy; L'Âme sereine (1896, The Serene Soul); Lueurs et flammes (1903, Gleams and Flames); and Dans l'or du soir (1928, In the Gold of the Evening). She also wrote a few novels. In 1925 she was elected an honorary member of the Romanian Academy.

           RO - 5139                    RO - 6759

Valeev Natalia 15.11.1969 -
Romunska športnica - lokostrelka, večkratna prvakinja in rekorderka Moldavije. Na OI leta 1992 je osvojila individualno in ekipno bronasto medaljo.

Sportswoman from Republica Moldova, master of sport in archery. Multiple Champion and recordman of the Republic of Moldova. She won bronze medal in individual and team archery at 1992 OG.

                   MD - 36

VALERA Sinead Bean de 3.6.1878 - 7.1.1975

She (on label of sheet IE-941) was was the wife of the Irish republican leader and third President of Ireland, Éamon de Valera. She trained as a teacher and took up her first post in a national school in Dorset Street, Dublin. In her spare time she taught Irish with the Gaelic League in Parnell Square. One of her Irish students was Éamon de Valera, then a teacher of mathematics. On 1910 they were married. During her husband's 50 years in public life she played little or no public role. Following the Easter Rising in 1916 she saw little of her husband. In 1932 de Valera became head of the government, and Sinéad de Valera started writing stories for children in both English and Irish. Though she kept to the background as far as public matters were concerned, Sinéad was a highly political person. Rumours differ, however, as to whether she was in fact more moderate or more radical than her husband. During her husband's fourteen years as President of Ireland she appeared in public on only very rare occasions. She wrote a book, Scealta Sí, which retold in her own words twelve traditional Irish stories.
On label of sheet are also:
Constance Markiewicz, and Maud Gonne McBride. On stamp IE-941 is Gregory Isabela Augusta.

IE - 941 

VALKAMA Ritva 13.11.1932 -

She is a Finnish actress known for her comic roles and has appeared in theatres, films and on television. Television series Parempi myöhään... (1979–1980) made Valkama a household name in Finland. She starred the show with actor Pentti Siimes, and often they were mistaken for a married couple. She has also been seen in films since 1954.


                      FI - 2216

Valois Ninette de 6.6.1898 - 8.3.2001
je britanska baletna koreografinja.

Through a combination of vision and singlemindedness, Ninette de Valois, created Britain's national ballet. The company she founded in 1931 at Sadler's Wells Theatre is now the Royal Ballet. A student of Enrico Cecchetti, de Valois was a member of the Ballets Russes de Serge Diaghilev from 1923 to 1926. She then joined the London Old Vic Theatre to teach movement to its actors and to arrange dances for plays and operas at that theater. As a choreographer she created Job (1931), The Rake's Progress (1935), and Checkmate (1937). She resigned as director of the Royal Ballet in 1963 but maintained ties to the company and school. Her books include Invitation to the Ballet (1937) and Step by Step (1977). She was created a Dame of the British Empire in 1951.

          IE - 1232

Valtonen Vera 4.12.1914 - 17.12.1997,
17.6.1916 - 14.1.1995,
Raija 27.3.1918 - 23.2.1997
Pevski trio Harmony Sisters je najbolj popularna finska pevska skupina vseh časov. Sestavljale so ga sestre: Vera - mozosopran, Marie - alt, Raija - sopran.

The trio Harmony Sisters (1934-56) was the most beloved Finnish singing group of all time. They personified the spirit of the struggle of WWII. The group toured Nazi Germany as Geschwister Waltonen in 1942-43, sent there officially by the National Finnish Broadcasting Company. They made recordings in Berlin, but those were mostly destroyed in bombings. They visited military hospitals and were entertained by Nazi leaders.
Vera song mezzosopran, Marie alt and Raija soprano.

                         FI - 1485

VANDECAVEYE Gella 5.6.1973 -
je belgijskla judoistka, ki je na OI 1996 osvojila srebrno medaljo v pol težki kategoriji, leta 2004 v Atenah pa še bronasto medaljo v isti kategoriji.

Belgian competitor for judo. At the 1996 Summer Olympics she won the silver medal in the women's half-middleweight category. Four years later, at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, she captured a second medal: a bronze one in the same category.

            B -

Vansova Terezia 18.4.1857 - 10.10.1942
je slovaška pisateljica predstavnica prve generacije slovaškega realizma, prva urednica ženskega časopisa Dennica(1897 - 1907), etnografinja.

She helped create the cultural and social life of Slovakia at the close of the 19th century. She attended school in her hometown of Zvolenská Slatina, as well as Banská Bystrica, and Rimavská Sobota. The years she spent in Lomnička and later in Rimavská Píla, her new homes after her marriage to Ján Vansa – a protestant priest – were the background to the realistic memoirs of life in village schools and vicarages. Vansová’s novel Sirota Podhradských (Podhradská, The Orphan), published in 1889, represents the first novel by a Slovak female author. In 1927, Vansová was awarded the national prize for her novel Kliatba (The Curse). Terézia Vansová wrote short stories, drama, translated the writings of Božena Němcová, and compiled a new cookbook (Nová kuchárska kniha) where she published 900 collected recipes. She was also the founder and editor of Dennica (Daily), the first magazine for women ever published in Slovakia, and she was the vice-chairwoman of Živena – the Society of Slovak Women.

         CZ - 1001                         SK - 548

Varming Hanne 13.5.1939 -
je danska kiparka.
Na znamkah DK-1303/4: Dekleti na letališču.

Hanna Varming realised at an early age that she wanted to apply her creative abilities in artistic direction. She modelled her first small pictures at age of six and still keeps a small biblical piece modelled when she was 13-14. Armed with her lower secondary leaving certificate, she found a job at the Royal Porcelain Factory in 1955 where she spent most of her time working on the popular porcelain figures. Hanne attended the Academy of Fine Arts from 1958-65. She learned the naturalist tradition of sculpting based on the techniques of Antiquity and the use of human motifs, a path that has also taken her on journeys to Greece, Egypt and Italy, where she has found herself surrounded by inspiration. Hanne is also in demand as portrait sculptor.
On stamps DK-1303/4: The girls in the Airport.

                 DK - 1303/4

VASCONCELOS Joana 8.11.1971 -
portugalska slikarka

She is a Paris born artist who now lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal. She has exhibited her works around the world in a number of group shows and many solo shows. She primarily creates sculpture and installation pieces. Many of her key works apply white crochet patterns to a variety of objects like computers, sculptures, pianos and even bridges.

 P - 3206

Vassiliadou Georgia 1897 - 1980
je grška filmska igralka.

Greek actress made her debut in 1923 as a chorister in Emani. She played with Kyveli in many plays. Her first film was A Sculptor`s Dream from 1930. She also played in The Grouch (1961), The Midwife (1961), Aunt From Chicago (1959)...

          GR - 1962

Vata Shkurte
albanska junakinja, čuvajka proge.

Albanian hero, woman-railroad guard.

              AL - 1332

VATOLINA Nina 1915 - 2002
Ruska slikarka.
Na znamki RU-806 je njen plakat: Zmagali  bomo.

She was Soviet poster artist. After the break of War Vatolina along with other artists started making artworks, which covered the most acute topics both of battle front and home front. She studied at “Association of State Books and Magazines Publishing Houses” Art Vocational School in1932-1936 and at the Moscow Institute of Fine Arts in 1937-1942. In 1935-1939 studied at V.N. Deni’s studio. On stamp RU-806 is her poster: We will win.


          RU - 806

VELEDA Maria 26.11.1871 - 8.4.1955

Portuguese ground school teacher, writer of children’s books. She was a member of the Republican League of Portuguese Women and of the Portuguese Group of Feminist Studies, being a defender of women’s emancipation and political participation.


          P - 3460

VerfaillIe Catherine 1957 -
belgijska biologinja
Na znamki B-3288 je tudi
Christine van Broeckhoven.

Professor of Medicine in the Division of Hematology, Oncology and Transplantation, director of the Stem Cell Institute. Her major research interest is stem cell biology.
On stamp
B-3288 is also Christine van Broeckhoven.

 B - 3288


VERGEER Esther 18.7.1981 -

She is a Dutch wheelchair tennis player. Combining singles and doubles, she has won 42 Grand Slams, 22 year-end championships and 7 Paralympics titles. Vergeer has been the world number one wheelchair tennis player since 1999. In singles, she has not been beaten since January 2003 and is on a winning streak of 470 matches. She is often mentioned as the most dominant player in professional sports.

NL - 2996

VESAAS Halldis Moren  18.11.1907 - 8.9.1995

She is regarded as one of Norway’s most prominent female lyric poets. Literature had an important place in her life. At the age of nine, she was already writing stories for a children’s magazine. She made her debut as a lyric poet in 1929 with Harpe og dolk, a book about love and the joy of life. She published new collections in 1930 (Morgonen), in 1933 (Strender), in 1936 (Lykkelege hender) and in 1945 (Tung tids tale). Her poems were easy to understand, which was probably one of the reasons why she was able to retain her popularity as a poet throughout the post-war period without publishing another collection until 1995. After the war she wrote a youth novel and factual prose. She also wrote two memoirs of her life with Tarjei Vesaas: I Midtbøs bakkar (1974) and Båten om dagen (1976).

N - 1629

VESTLY Anne-Catharina 15.2.1920 - 15.12.2008

She was a Norwegian author of children’s literature whose stature in Norwegian society can somewhat be compared to Sweden's famous children's book author Astrid Lindgren among Swedish people. Her most famous work Eight Children and a Truck (Åtte små, to store og en lastebil in Norwegian) concerns a family with eight children living in a small apartment in Oslo. It was the first in a series of nine books, the last of which was published in 2000 about the children’s grandmother. The series is known as the Eight Children series in English (Mormor og de åtte ungene in Norwegian).

N -

VIALAR Emilie de sv. (st.) 12.9.1797 - 24.8.1856

She was French nun founder the Missionary Congregation of the Sisters of St Joseph in France in 1832. In Malta she opened a children`s asylum for poor children. 

MT - 1021

VIDAL Angelina 1853 - 1917

Portuguese teacher, journalist and propagandist of workers’ rights, namely women’s rights, self-confessed republican with public interventions of social nature.

           P - 3462

Vieira da Silva Maria Elena 13.6.1908 - 6.3.1992

Maria Helena Vieira da Silva is a Portuguese painter of abstractions working in Paris; her canvases can be characterized as grids of vivid colors that sparkle like mosaics. Vieira da Silva studied sculpture with Emile Antoine Bourdelle and Charles Despiau and painting with Achille Emile Orthon Friesz and Fernand Leger. She has won international recognition for her paintings. Since her first postwar exhibition in New York City in 1946 she has exhibited regularly in Paris and throughout Europe. Her work was included in the 1950 and 1954 Venice Biennales and in the 1954 Sao Paulo Bienal. In 1966 the French government gave her its highest artistic award, the Grand Prix National des Arts.

            F - 2582                                      F - 2999                                 
P - 2132                       P - 3275

Vigee-Lebrun Elisabeth 16.4.1755 - 30.3.1842
Na znamki F-5290: Madame Mole Raymond.

Louise Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun achieved an international reputation as a portraitist during her lifetime. She served as painter to Queen Marie Antoinette until the French Revolution forced her into an exile that lasted 12 years. Having escaped with her daughter to Italy, she continued to receive commissions as she traveled and was warmly welcomed in Europe's major capitals. Vigee-Lebrun was introduced to painting by her father, a pastel portraitist who recognized her talent and supported her training. In 1783 she was admitted to the Academie Royale. Her style of portraiture catches her sitters looking alert; they are generally placed within their typical surroundings. For example, Marie Antoinette and Her Children (1787, Versailles Palace) is set in a room of the palace, and the painter in Hubert Robert (1788, Louvre, Paris) is seen at work, holding his palette and brushes. According to her own memoirs, Vigee-Lebrun painted about 900 works, of which more than 200 were landscapes and the remainder mainly portraits.

                    F - 3663                                   RO - 2800                             F - 984                  F - 5290        

Vincent Arlette 1932 -

Coming into television as an announcer, Arlette Vincent quickly became its most popular presenter. She participated in numerous programmes such as Contraste, Magazine F, La preuve par quatre (Proof By Four) and Cinescope. Since 1964, she became the presenter of animal programmes such as Histoires naturelles (Natural Stories) and then of Le jardin extraordinaire (The Extraordinary Garden) (on stamp B-3262), one of Belgian television's most famous programmes, still produced at the present time.

         B - 3262

VISHNEVSKAYA Galina 25.10.1926 - 11.12.2012

Galina Vishnevskaya a Russian soprano opera singer  made her professional stage debut in 1944 singing operetta. In 1953 she became a member of the Bolshoi Theatre. She sang in Metropolitan Opera,  Royal Opera House, La Scala.... 

RU - 2101

VLAHOPOULOU Rena 1923 - 29.7.2004

She was a famous Greek actress and singer. She starred in theatre, musical and Greek cinema productions. At ten years she began singing at a local bakery; she was a talented dancer and actress and a qualified operetta mezzo soprano. Over the course of her fifty-five-year career she appeared in 105 theatrical plays between 1939 and 1994, and twenty-six films between 1951 and 1985. She was a charismatic comedienne, with considerable singing and dancing talents, and remained hugely popular on stage and film throughout her long career.

GR - 2641

VLAŠIĆ Blanka 8.11.1983 -
je hrvaška atletinja in trenutna svetovna prvakinja v skoku v višino, ko je z rezultatom 205 cm zmagala na svetovnem prvenstvu 2007 v Osaki. Njen osebni rekord je 207 cm.

Croatian athlete won at the World Championships in Athletics in Osaka in 2007 in the high jump (205 cm) and became world champion. Her personal record is 207 cm.

 HR - 825

Vogt Cecile 27.3.1875 - 4.5.1962

French-German neuropathologist. She studied medicine in Paris where she met her husband, Oskar Vogt. They married and in 1899 moved to Berlin. where they founded a Neurologische Zentralstation which they supported through private practice. Cécile Vogt did much of pioneering work on the neuro-anatomy of the thalamus and together with Hermann Oppenheim (1858-1919) published on hereditary (pseudo-bulbar) palsy, athetose double, in which she noted the mottled appearance of the striatum which was acknowledged by Kinnier Wilson. She made early and most important contributions to disease states of the basal ganglia.  In their later years the Vogts turned also to genetic mutations, using as their specimens the bumblebees and beetles they had collected by the hundreds of thousands on their holiday trips.

          D - 1432
           Berlin - 848

VOUGIOUKLAKI Aliki 20.7.1933/34 - 23.7.1996

She was a Greek actress and was was considered as one of the most popular and successful actresses of Greek cinema. As a student Aliki was always taking the leading part in the school plays which eventually led her to dream of an acting career. She attended classes in the National Theatre of Greece and she started to act while still a student. She appeared in 42 movies, mostly musicals, and in a wide variety of television programs, theatre and stage productions. Her first film was Nikos Tsiforos' "The little Mouse". In 1970 she was given the title, National Star of Greece.


              GR - 2496

VOUTILAINEN Laura 17.5.1975 -

She is a Finnish pop singer. Voutilainen's debut single was called Muuttanut oon maailman but her breakthrough came with the 1993 single "Kerran" which reached the Top Ten of the Finnish charts in January 1994. She represented Finland at Eurovision 2002 with the song Addicted to You.

                 FI - 2202

VUKANOVIĆ Beta 18.4.1872 - 1972

Na znamki YU-3043: Deklica pod drevesom.

She was a Serbian painter. Born in Germany to a Serbian family, Vukanovic initially studied painting at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Munich. She also worked with Anton Ažbe. From 1898 she lived mostly in Belgrade. Her earliest works reflected the influence of plein-air painting in Munich, which changed to Impressionism before World War I. Her later style was predominantly realistic; she painted many pictures of the Serbian landscape and its people. She was the originator of Serbian artistic caricature and left around 500 humorous portraits of contemporaries from the social and cultural scene in Belgrade. Her husband was Rista Vukanović.

         YU - 3043

gor - up