About Laboratory
The SEM-EDS and XRD Laboratory is small industrial scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS) and XRD laboratory in the company Metal Ravne d.o.o.. Laboratory was establish in the 1982 and the main focus of laboratory is industrial research and analysis of the steel samples in the following areas: fractography, microstructural analysis, qualitative and quantitative EDS analysis of bulk particles, and thin film samples, thickness and compostion measurement of thin films on substrates, particle analysis, study segregation and diffusion and analysis of environmental samples, slag, lead and non-ferrous materials, XRD analysis of powder samples and carbides in steels. Currently lab employ one person (Henrik Kaker) which is responsible for sample preparations, SEM and EDS analysis, XRD analysis, equipment service and writting technical and research reports.

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