Laboratory Fees
 Laboratory Service  Price
 Metallographic sample preparation with etching  20 EUR/sample
 Preparation of fracture surface (cutting, special cleaning)  20 EUR/sample
 Surface replica on the etched sample  15 EUR/sample
 Powder sample preparation for the SEM analysis  20 EUR/sample
 Sputtering (Au, Ag, Cu, C)  10 EUR/sample
 Cutting of very hard material with the diamond saw  20 EUR/sample
 Surface replica in the production site  60 EUR/sample
 Metallographic sample in the production site  100 EUR/sample
 Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)  150 EUR/hour
 Energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS)  150 EUR/hour
 Quantitative image analysis  160 EUR/sample
 SEM fractography/EDS microanalysis  400 EUR/sample
 Routine failure analysis (complete analysis)  500 EUR/sample
 Complex failure analysis (complete analysis)  900 EUR/sample
 Production consulting  Plese ask
 XRD routine sample preparation  20 EUR/sample
 XRD retained austenite sample preparation  20 EUR/sample
 Carbides extraction from the steels  100 EUR/sample
 XRD data acquisition  30 EUR/sample
 XRD phase identification  100 EUR/sample
 XRD Retained austenite analysis  90 EUR/sample
 XRD quantitative phase analysis by Rietveld method  160 EUR/sample
          Note: The prices listed above exclude VAT (20%) and shipping costs is included.
          All prices valid until December 31, 2011.

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