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The association of ceramists and potters has blossomed in desire for quality development and demonstration of ceramics and pottery on Slovenian soil. Promotion activities, education, exchange of experiences and interlinking are now our primary objectives. The need for getting all the ceramists togheter was shown by a number of 80 joined ceramists in the first year. Today the association of ceramists and potters contains a good number of traditional potters and unique ceramic makers from all over the Slovenia and even some from abroad. How busy were we in all of our years of working togheter? Following the example of such fairs in Europe, we have organized many ceramics and pottery fairs, educational workshops and demonstration workshops. We exhibited at home and abroad, have participated in the international project under the auspices of UNESCO, called Common Ground World Project. In conjunction with our Brickyard, brickyard in Novo Mesto and BBrickyard Pragersko we have made two interesting workshops, which we named "Big From". We are trying to fill a fifthy-year gap of organized educationin the field of ceramics by constant care of professional education of our members. For that reason we have set a library of professional literature, which we update and inform our members of other learning opportunities. We trying to get the ceramists to give this broad area of effect more force which the world already has, which is in our country developing on it's own initiative and a lot of effort from individuals to who this primal material (clay) means a challenge, the possibility of creative expression, means of survival, the portunity to explore and inexhaustible source of inspiration. We are slowly but steadily changing the performance and public relationship of our beloved medium. We hope to enrich the Slovenian space, give him another dimension, the contact with earth, the beauty and with the made products diversify peoples life. And that is also why this website was made.

Miljanka Simšič

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