Photography by Tomaž Lunder


(Sarajevo, 1966) studied film and television directing in Ljubljana Academy for the Theatre, Film, Radio and Television and graduated in 1992, continuing on postgraduate level (2007). He also completed studies in architecture (2000).

He has been working for TV Slovenia for nearly 30 years. During this time he authored many documentary films in the role of director, scriptwriter and film editor. Among them are feature length films THEY WERE TITO'S TOWNS /Bila so Titova mesta/ (2014-2017), TO FLY! /Leteti!/ (2014-2016) and FABIANI VS. PLEČNIK /Fabiani : Plečnik/ (2006-2008, Viktor Award for the best documentary TV programme | Erasmus EuroMedia Sponsorship Award). Significant TV films are MAYPOLE /Majoš/ (2009-2010, Vesna Award for documentary film – 13th Festival of Slovenian Film | Grand prix – 16th international film festival Etnofilm, Čadca, Slovakia), BREAD ALL YEAR ROUND /Kruhovo leto/ (2005, two awards at ethnographic film festivals), THE SECOND GENERATION /Druga generacija/ (2005-2006, in the competition programme of Sarajevo, Wiesbaden, Bar and Portorož festivals) and ĐURO (2000, Special Mention of The Jury – CIRCOM Conference, Porto, Portugal). He is also an author of documentary series SEDUCTION OF LOOKING /Zapeljevanje pogleda/ on Slovene contemporary art (27 episodes 24-30 ’, TV Slovenija, 2007-2018). Among many portrait documentaries about artists, writers, actors and especially architects the most complex is his last docu-fiction CANKAR (2016-2018) about the most important Slovene writer Ivan Cankar.

In his short films he examines the ways of perception. Some of them are documentary animated films, for instance TWO PORTRAITS WITH THE BACKGROUND /Portreta z ozadjem/ (1994-2000, Best Animated Film – 1st Festival of Slovene Animation, Izola | Special Mention of The Jury – Festival of Slovenian Film, Portorož), FLESHES FROM SHOOTING /Utrinki iz snemanja/ (1995, Special Mention for Film Experiment – Slovene Film Marathon, Portorož), two city symphonies LISTEN TO LONDON /Prisluhni Londonu/ (2013-2017, Best Film – 9th Festival of Independent Film, Ljubljana) and IMPRESSION OF A GREAT CITY /Impresija velemesta/ (2009, Best Film – 1st Festival of Independent Film, Domžale | Bronze medal – UNICA, 72nd World Amateur Film Festival, Einsiedeln, Switzerland). Others are experimental time-lapse animations: WITH THE FLOW /Po toku/ (2014), FOCUS ON EYES /Gledam oči/ (2012), FROM THE LIFE OF BOOKS /Iz življenja knjig/ (2010-2011) TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE? /Povej mi, kaj vidiš?/ (2006, The Golden Rat for Best Mobile Phone Film – Videorats festival, Celje) and MOTION IN PICTURES /Gibanje v podobah/ (2006, Mention for Film Graphic – Festival of Slovene Animation Izolanima, Izola).

His book Sweet Sensuality of Margin /Slatka strast periferije/ is a study on Bosnian cinematographer and film director Ivica Matić.