It is the life story of Bosnian actor and director Branko Đurić - Đuro, who used to be a star in former Yugoslavia (during the eighties he excelled in The Top List of Surrealists, which became a cult series very soon). His ancestors were Muslims, Serbs, Croats, even gypsies and that he has never been more proud about it than right now.

In 1992, six months after the outbreak of war in Bosnia, Đuro left besieged Sarajevo and made himself a new home in Slovenia. He continues his work in Ljubljana now... From the Slovenians, he learned "to organise" his work and free time... to distinguish between štruklji and žganci, Carniolan sausage, pan sausage and liver sausage... He prefers to distinguish between "Beatles" and "Stones" people over talking about "us" and "them"... labelling them to Serbs, Croats, Muslims, Slovenians....

His biggest reward is still the laughter of the audience at his jokes. And - he found out that Bosnians and Slovenians have the same sense of humour; Bosnians like to make fun of themselves and the Slovenians like it too - i.e. making fun of the Bosnians.