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The documentary film Bread ali Year Round records the bread-connected rituals that some families keep alive in different regions of the Slovenian ethnic space. A flat cake or a loaf of bread has a central position on the table. For Christmas, the first bread of the year is made of all the corn collected at home to signify a promising crop. Everybody in the house, including animals, take part of this bread. The height the children can jump for a piece of bread equals how much they will grow in the Coming year. For St.Valentine's day, the birds are marrying. Small flat cakes are baked to be left for the children on the window sill. On her wedding day, the bride gives bread to her groom. When a child is born, bread is baked for all the children in the house. Honey breads in a shape of funny devils make children very happy on the day of St. Nicholas.

The knowledge of bread-making is transmitted by mothers to their daughters. Many connect the symbolic power of bread with Christianity, but the origin is probably much older.