• Stars in the lake
    Northern constelations' reflections in the lake.

    My astronomical publications

    Astronomy and backyard astrophotography
    by Javor Kac


    Light pollution in my home town NEW (in Slovenian)
    Variable stars NEW
    Asteroids NEW
    Leonid meteor storm in 2002
    Leonid meteor storm in 2001
    Meteors UPDATED
    Planets in 2001 (wide field photos)
    A nice trio in the morning (wide field photos)
    February 1999 Jupiter-Venus conjunction (wide field photos)
    Venus Transit
    Solar eclipse photographs
    Lunar eclipse photographs
    Aurora borealis from Slovenia
    Total Solar Eclipse (August 11, 1999)
    Sun photographs
    Lunar and planetary photography
    Comet photography UPDATED
    Deep sky

    MBK Team homepage
    Astronomical Society Orion homepage
    Names of 88 constellations in different languages

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