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Warning: Development of this software is discontinued. Newer development moved to AnnApp.


  NeuralParametric is an intuitive software for exploring approximation with artificial neural networks. It is replaced by AnnApp.

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About the Software

  The simple and intuitive software has been created by Igor Grešovnik and Tadej Kodelja. It is aimed at exploring the artificial neural networks (ANNs) - based models.


  NeuralParametric User Manual. PDF document containing instructions for installation, running, and using the software, and some background information about the software. Also available as html page.

  NeuralParametric License Agreement. Contains terms of use of the software.

  ReadMe file. Contains very basic information about the software.

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   NeuralParametric can be downloaded here and can be used free of charge by anyone (see the license agreement). The current version is 1.0.

Download NeuralParametric (click on the link).

Short installation instructions:

Examples and Screenshots

Evaluation of Model Outputs.
Evaluation of model outputs at the specified input parameters.

Parametric study.
Parametric Study.

Multiple parametric studies.
Multiple Parametric Studies.


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