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Ph. D. Thesis on INVERSE

Igor Gresovnik, A General Purpose Computational Shell for Solving Inverse and Optimisation Problems - Applications to Metal Forming Processes, Ph. D. thesis, University of Wales Swansea, U.K., 2000.

    You can download or view the Ph.D. thesis of Inverse developer Igor Gresovnik in PostScript or PDF format. In either format there is a complete thesis in one file and thesis divided to chapters (table of contents is included in the first file).

        The thesis includes a survey of relevant theoreticl background for application of optimisation techniques in conjunction with finite element numerical simulation, philosophy and overview of structure of the optimisation shell Inverse, and some practical applications, mainly related to metal forming.
Ph. D. thesis in PDF format (3.253 kB)

Ph. D. thesis in PostScript format (19.679 kB)


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