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IGShell - IGLib's  Shell Application

This page contains IGLib binaries and IGShell, a simple shell application that is based on the library.

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About the Software

  IGShell is an extensible application based on the  Investigative Generic Library (IGLib) and the .NET framework. It provides access to a couple of useful utilities implemented in IGLib through a command-line interpreter used to invoke those utilities. Beside immediate applicability of some tools like a flexible expression evaluator or an extensive set of cryptographic utilities, it provides access to some demonstrative examples showing the capabilities of the library (such as 2D and 3D graphics).

  Furthermore, it provides an application framework for building flexible and extensible desktop applications that can cover practically unlimited areas of application. The framework is conceived to support rapid development of  multifunctional applications, where full industrial scale applications can be developed in the same framework as a number of accompanying testing applications (where a solid set of tests can be maintained for the current functionality of software) and sandbox applications that are created simultaneously to provide proof of concepts.

  Flexibility that enables hosting so different components under one roof is provided through the three level interpretation system, which enables easy combining and launch of the desired functions from a potentially very large set of available ones. On the case of cryptographic utilities, the software projects available in this distribution demonstrates the flexibility of this concept to combine functionality implemented in the underlying libraries and provide it through applications in a user friendly way. Here, IGLib provides the functionality itself (but this can be extended by arbitrary number of external libraries), and at the same time it provides all the necessary machinery for construction of the application framework (such as interpreters or interprocess communication tools).



  A Visual Studio (or MonoDevelop) project for building the IGShell is included in order to demonstrate how to build a simple shell application based on IGLib. This project can be used as a template for building your own shell applications, which can be more complex and provide more functionality.

  In addition, two hosted applications are included, namely the HashForm and the HashShell. These are simple but useful applications for calculation of


A number of example files that contain various commands for the shell are available in the examples directory (zipped version for download). This directory also contains some sample files on which example commands act. For example, the examples/crypto/excrypto.cmd (view html version here) is a command file that contains numerous examples of how to uses built-in cryptographic utilities of the IGShell, and the containing directory examples/crypto/ contains some auxiliary files (especially in the examples/crypto/cryptofiles/ directory) that are used when example commands are run (e.g. to test how these files are encrypted and then decrypted).



  ReadMe file. Contains very basic information about the software.

  IGShell License Agreement. Contains terms of use of the software.

  IGLib Documentation.

  See also:


Download the files (click on the link).

Short installation instructions:

Other Software 

IGLib Logo. This softwae is based on the Investigative Generic Library (IGLib.NET).
Some other publically available software based on this library includes:


IGLib Documentation 

IGLib 1.7.2, April 2016 (code doc., without images, ~45 MB)

IGLib 1.6.0, June 2015 (code doc., without images, ~16 MB)

IGLib 1.5, January 2014 (code doc., without images, ~16 MB)

IGLib 1.4, April 2013 (code doc., without images, ~12.6 MB)


IGShell 1.6.0, June 2015 (application, HashForm & HashShell, ~18.3 MB)

IGShell 1.4, April 2013 (application, HashForm & HashShell, ~18.3 MB)

IGShell 1.6.0 Examples, June 2015 (example commands and files, ~100 kB)

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