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FAMUL STUART School of Applied Arts was founded in 1994.

In the 2008/09 academic year we offer enrolment in three-year programmes and courses:
sculpting, ceramics, restoration, interior design, photography, animation, video and interaction.

For students with previous higher education or professional experience we offer one-year non-degree programmes.

Special features
Our education system enables topicality, flexibility and quick adjustment to the knowledge market and thus the labour market. We are aware of the fact that the transition from the student life to independent creative and working environment is often difficult, which is why we encourage students through lectures and practical work with mentors and groups as well as train them for independent work in their fields in everyday life.
We promote co-operation between students taking different courses, complement their knowledge and provide for the development of individuals and their creative abilities. Students are encouraged to participate and gather experience in extracurricular activities: school's participation in international events, exhibitions in school and outside it, festivals, competitions in broader public area and extracurricular projects.

Variety of the offer
The programmes, campaigns, equipment and diverse mentor and student profiles, a mixture of classic and modern media, approaches and methods, new and old, provide each student infinite possible combinations.
The school and its entire staff function also as a consulting body, providing advice to current and former students, individual consultations as well as consultations with mentors and the school management on orientation, progress and extra activities and projects, helping and advising also about seeking of various opportunities for independent work of the graduates and informing about the available employment options. The school's programmes have not been verified by the state, which is why the school devotes special attention to consolidating the recognition of its diploma in practice.

Teachers, mentors, guests
An interesting and diverse array of teaching staff and mentors, professional artists and experts, domestic and foreign guests, active in their fields, ensures innovative work and knowledge, an insight into modern art, culture and production in the areas covered by the school. Mentors and teachers encourage students' participation in broader public area and independent projects, and through individual work and approaches develop creative potentials and abilities of individuals.

The school is located in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia.
For the first ten years the school occupied the premises of the Fužine Castle. In autumn 2004 it moved closer to the city's centre, to Bežigrad.
The new school with modern equipment is located only a few steps from the city bus stop (bus nos. 6, 8 and others, Astra - Plava Laguna stop) and ten minutes' walk from the main railway station.


Premises and equipment
Multimedia studio, projection room and drawing room that can be transformed into a photo studio, a graphic studio, sculpting modelling room, ceramics workshop, restoration workshop, combined ambient studio. The school also comprises a small reading room with the Internet access, a library and the secretary's office, which is open to students every day.
At the time of semester exhibitions, all the school's premises and halls are converted into exhibition space. Outside the academic year the premises can be used as a gallery and production studio as well.

Study duration
All the programs are three years long. The academic year is from October to June. Lectures and practical courses take place five days a week. The students are welcome to use the working premises outside of their course times. Working students who cannot be present at all lectures and practice, should discuss this with the secretary's office and later with mentors to agree on adjusting the study pace.

Guest students
For students with previous higher education or professional experience who are interested in taking courses for futher professional development we offer a one-year non-degree programme, put together on an individual basis. The student can choose courses and mentors from the current offer. In their application the interested students should give evidence of their previous artistic higher education or professional experience.


After successful completion of studies which includes diploma thesis, the student obtains a diploma whereby FAMUL STUART verifies that the student successfully completed the studies according to the program. The diploma issued by FAMUL STUART School of Applied Arts is not yet verified by the Slovenian state, this however does not mean that it is not recognised by various organisations, employers and schools. The possibilities are presented in Famul Portfolio, while some reference information about the practical application of the diploma in the activities of our students and graduates is provided in the book 'Desetka!' ('Ten!'), issued in September 2004.

Entering Terms
The candidates should have a high school degree and a certain level of artistic talent. There is no age limit. If the number of applicants will be higher than the number of spaces at any of the programs, we will choose the students based upon applicants' portfolio and interview.

Applications: We accept applications from February until September. Application forms in English are available here.

Enrollment: First enrollment week is from September 8 to 12, 2007. For extra deadlines and further info, please, contact our Office:

Open Days
Friday, February 15, 11.00 and 13.00
Saturday, February 16, 11.00

MAY 2008
Friday, May 30, 15.00

Friday, September 19, 15.00

Interested applicants are also welcome to visit the school outside of the Open Days. In this case please let us know about your arrival a few days ahead, so we will be able to devote some time to you. We also speak Croatian and Serbian.

Semester Production Shows:

December 20, 2007

May 23, 2008

Networking and international co-operation
The school cooperates with many domestic and foreign organisations dealing either in education, artistic production, research or presentation. Thus, we can exchange knowledge and experience as well as jointly work on concrete projects. In a unique way this opens to students the doors to the world outside the school, where they will work in the future.

Extracurricular activities
Particular attention is devoted to special study and extracurricular activities, which according to our many years' experience have a significantly positive impact on individuals' development and facilitate the transition from student to independent creative life. Students are encouraged to mutually co-operate and gather experience in extracurricular activities: school's participation in international events, exhibitions in school and outside it, festivals, competitions in broader public area, study and extracurricular projects.

Some extracurricular activities
FAMUL STUART School of Applied Arts and the gallery KD Galerija GT independently or in conjunction with other organisations organise a series of different local and international events in a broader social area:

Quest4 , Venice 2007
Going Public , Famul v Celici, Ljubljana 2007
Culture objects , Festival Ana Desetnica, Ljubljana 2007
URBActions , Venice 2006

EU-STUART.SI EuropeanArtStudentsDigitalWorks

How to Make Animation Movie together with International festival of Animation ANIMATEKA
interdisciplinary project MESTO POD ZEMLJO / Underground City
and MetroLjub (virtual Ljubljana Underground)

IGRAJ SE PARK / PARK'N'PLAY , Ljubljana, 2001 - 2004
Summer Sculpture Workshops KORNARIJA Marušiči, Croatia

…organising exhibitions to promote the work of the school's students:
Desetka! (Ljubljanski grad)
Famul v Celici (hostel Celica)
Famul na Finskem (ArtCenter Voipaala)
Quest4 , Venice 2007
Going Public , Famul v Celici, Ljubljana 2007
URBActions , Venice 2006

…or, when invited by other organisers, creatively participating in projects: Revive Time KAKI TREE PROJECT (Sezam, Mestni Muzej Ljubljana) * ČUTI (LUNG Nova Gorica) * Delavnice animiranega filma (Postaja Topolove, Stazione di Topolo, Italija)

See also: What's New, Links, Events 2005
and do not miss to check FAMUL PORTFOLIO

Projects were among others, supported by: Oddelek za kulturo in raziskovalno dejavnost MOL, Ministrstvo za kulturo, Ministrstvo za šolstvo, znanost in šport, Urad RS za Mladino, Urad za Mladino MOL, MOVIT, Zavod za turizem.

Famul Stuart Šola uporabnih umetnosti, Bezigrajski dvor, Dunajska 56, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
Tel.: 01 436 47 06 GSM: 051 33 67 70 (+386 1 436 47 06) e-mail:

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