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The Kozjak Waterfall
The Kozjak stream produces six waterfalls on its way towards the Soca river. The famous and the most beautiful one is the Big Kozjak waterfall that is 15 m high and it can be visited easily. The waterfall excavated a large hall that features a beautiful pool of dark green colour. A bit lower down the stream there is a Small Kozjak waterfall under a stone bridge. This is a beautiful destination for visitors, which can be included when visiting caverns from the 1st World War. The trip from the waterfall to these sights takes only 5 minutes on foot. We recommend this afternoon walk to each of our guests. One can access the waterfall and caverns from Kobarid towards Dreznica, following the signposts.
The Beri Waterfall
The Gadiča stream that flows through the village Poljubinj has created the waterfall Beri on its way. The waterfall is 25 meters high and can be reached after a 20-minute walk from the village Poljubinj. If you decide to visit the waterfall from our apartment it will take you a nice and short stroll to reach it.
slap beri
The Ossuary
The Ossuary is located on a hill near Kobarid. You can visit it by car crossing the main square in Kobarid. It is worth seeing since it offers a very interesting outer side. The outer walls feature the names of fallen italian soldiers from the 1st World War. The walk can be prolonged towards the  Tonovcov castle and from there to the Ganzl ranch at the Soca riverbank, where you can ride horses or just grab a snack kostnica

The church was built in 1916, from 1st March to 1st November it was built by soldiers of the 3rd mountain Austro-Hungarian brigade. It was made in memory of fallen Austrian soldiers. The names of the soldiers have been burned into strong solid oak plates that open like a book. The process of burning took three months. The “Book of Dead” features 2565 names.
javorca javorca javorca

The Austrian cemetery and the German ossuary
avstrijsko nemska kostnica

The Polog Highlands
polog polog sir tolminc
The Mighty Linden in Rut
Just ouside of the church of St. Lambert in Rut visitors can see one of the oldest linden trees in Slovenia. The tree has a large crown and locals tend to say that the tree is over 850 years old. The tree is a natural monument.
lipa v Rutu
Tolmin Water Channels and Dante's Cave

This is the most beautiful Tolmin natural sight. Only 2 kilometres divide Tolmin and the parking in front of the sight, where there is also a snack bar. A circular path leads to the Tolmin water channels, one can see a confluence of rivers Zadlascica and Tolminka. The latter formed a narrow canyon and you can also see a bears head and Dantes Cave, a pit which was supposed to be an inspiration for the poets famous work The Divine Comedy. The path crosses the devils bridge from where you can beautifully see the canyon and the confluence of both rivers.

korita korita

The Goats Brink
This is a 200 m high hill in the centre of Tolmin that has a vivid history. The top is covered with ruins of a castle, this being a legacy of peasant rising. There is a nice path that goes all the way to the top and the path sees many tourists and locals every day since there is a nice view across the whole valley.
kozlov rob kozlov rob kozlov rob


All of those who love history and natural beauties will not be deprived. The Museum of Kobarid shows the horrors of the Soča front.

If you want to see the country of live waters as some like to call it from the rocky heights you can climb many nearby peaks (Krn – 2240 m or Batognica) and follow the footsteps of the 1st World War. It was here where the most bloody fights of the Soca front took place. The remains of these horrors still remain between the rocks.

You can also visit the Museum of Tolmin that shows the history of the Tolmin rebellion.
soska fronta tolminski punt


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