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Selected exhibitions and projects after 2003:  
-Čitalnica SCCA 2007/Reading Room SCCA 2007 , SCCA-Ljubljana, Zavod za sodobno umetnost, Projektna soba

- Today, I have no time for Politics. Today, I have no time for Art. Today..., Political in Art, Velenje

- Pri meni na vrtu, Ljubljana, Garden at 8, Komenskega street - I invited twelve artist friends and students to join me at autumn garden activities

- Pogledi / Looks - Home '07, Ljubljana work-in-progress, street action (together with Bostjan Potokar)

- Postcards to Station Nord, remote participation in Station Nord events, Hval Station, Hoenefoss, Norway

- U3 Triennial of Slovene art, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana, zbornik - with Bostjan Potokar

- Wake me up if I fall asleap, video, Likovno delo kot koncept, Galerija Kresija (B. Gorupic), Ljubljana
2005 - Reading Room 'Rooms with Memory', Teritories, Identities, Networks; Slovene Art 1995-2005, Moderna galerija/Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana

- Pogledi / Looks,
Visages Francophones, Cahors, France, work-in-progress, street action (together with Bostjan Potokar)

- Public - Private / Case MOKS, PostSovhozs 05, MOKS, Mooste, Estonia (together with Bostjan Potokar)

- A view to the North (South, East, West), Path Topolovo - Livek sculpture intervention on the path between Italy and Slovenia Stazione di Topolo / Postaja Topolove, Italy (together with Bostjan Potokar)


- Anima (sculpture animation - 6min.) and European Horizons (computer animation, 1,2 min), workshop of animation film festival Animateka, Re-Drawing Europe, Ljubljana

- Evrososeska / Euroneighbourhood (web project for SCCA Institute for Cntemporary art Ljubljana - Euroculture project - in construction for 2005)

- Homeland (guest artist in art project of Tanja Lažetic and Dejan Habicht, together with Bostjan Potokar), galerija P74, Ljubljana

- Trains & the spaces between (14 min video), Avto kino Barje (Tanja Lažetic in Dejan Habicht, presentation of video works on mobility and perception of cities or urbanized landscapes, Barje-jug highway rest spot)

- Kuhinja/Kitchen (a book and communication spot), Kitchen, Koroška galerija likovnih umetnosti, Slovenj Gradec

- Returns/Departures (Tokyo Station Ballet), 1-min. video for the compilation Vrnitev Postaja Topolove / Stazione di Topolo, Topolovo/Topolo, Italy

- Puhun Suomea, Finnish-Slovene language lection (video), Voipaala Art Center, Saaksmaki, Finland

- Razširjeni prostori umetnosti, Slovenska umetnost 1985-1995, Slovene art 1985-1995, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana

2003 - Invisible Threat: Home - Invisible Threat, BREAK 2.2 festival, Ljubljana

- Repl(a)y to: - Replay - Galerija P74, Ljubljana

- BNW advertisement - Brave New World, Anniversary of discovery of DNA, NYC, USA

- Home - compilation book project, Patti Young Kim, USA

- A Day on the Earth (working title) - internet project in progress, based on unrealised Virtual Journey


- Virtual Journey (From Ljubljana to Baku /Azerbaijan/, Erevan /Armenia/ and further to the East and back) unrealised internet project


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