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Organized lessons in Primary School in Šentjur started in 1769. Until 1818 lessons were passed in hired, improvised private houses. In 1818 a new school building with two class-rooms was built. That's why school grew over from one class-room in two class-room. 125 children (all along 9 girls only) attended two class-room.

In scholastic year 1869/70 we can see, that 223 children (128 boys and 95 girls) attended school. Almost 100 children couldn't go to school.

In 1873 school became too close; that's why school grew over from two class-room to three class-room. In 1874 it was four class-room already. With the establishment of eight years obligatory school, what was legalized by Austrian school law in 1869, the number of children was reduced in 1886, because a new school on Blagovna was opened. School in Šentjur grew over in five class-room. From establishment until 1922 scholastic year lasted from October 16th till August 31th; vacation lasted from September 1st till October 16th only. In 1922 scholastic year changed and lasted from September 1st till June 30th. Vacation were in July and in August. This scholastic year has been held down till nowadays.

In 1891 school was detached on boy's and on girl's school. Schools were in different buildings. Because of place deficiency local people started thinking about building a new school, where would be 12 class-rooms, gymnasium, kitchen, a flat for school governor and for caretaker, staff's rooms and toilets.

Plan was approved by local community. On March 29th 1908 a competition of a new building was advertised. At the opening ceremony headmaster Anton Sivka wrote:«On December 6th 1909 there was a festive opening and benediction to new school building, which is one of the most beautiful edifices in our country.«

Ahead of a new building there was garden, which extented 4 acres and served for gardening and for fruit-growing.

First war didn't have much effect on school; lessons kept going on normally.

In September 1928 school polyclinic was established. Doctors used to examine pupils twice a week for free.

Years of occupation were very hard. Teachers were deported to Serbia. There were only German and Austrian in the new staff of teachers. Singing and Physical Education were the most important things.

Occupant destroyed everything; he left only stuff for archives.

Regular scholastic year 1945/46 started on October 15th in 12 departments; it lasted for 2 years in this form. School was reformed in seven-years school with subject lessons in 5th, 6th and in 7th class in scholastic year 1947/48. This meant sort of a step backward, because since 1869 eight years school obligation was legalized.

In scholastic year 1950/51 the Seven-Year Plan (higher level) was changed into 4 classes lower lyceum. This remained till school reform in 1957/58, when lower lyceum merged with four classes Primary School.

Since the beginning of the Primary School in 1769 till 1948 there was Religious instruction in school curriculum, which was taught by school katehet.

When in 1947 subject level was introduced, they already started with teaching foreign language; firstable Russian, then German and finally English. There were big troubles at the beginning, because there was no teacher, who would speak English well.

In 1952 a new subject came in- Moral lessons.

In 1954 school building was renewalled. Original front was changed with a »new dress«, which couldn't compare with previous one. School was electrified, parquet was put down, windows were rebuilt, new furniture was bought it and sanitary service was modernized.

Because of incessant growth of population in school district in Šentjur, settled nice school place became too tight. That's why pupils of subject level had lessons in the mornings; pupils of class level had lessons in the mornings and in the afternoons.

In 1967 headmaster moved out from school – school got a place for library, staff's room and a place for account-keeping.

In 1969 central heating was installed. Besides snack even lunch was prepared for pupils nad for employee.

In autumn 1971 five-days working week came into force. Pupils were the most happy about that.

In 1963 Primary School Blagovna was cancelled and connected to Primary School in Šentjur. Only first four classed stayed; pupils from higher level were transeferred to Šentjur and other places. In 1971 Primary School Kalobje was cancelled and connected to Primary School Šentjur.

Bigger roomy and organized needs were cause for intenzive thinking about expansion of a school building. Administrative and economic commitee was nominated. Structurally company Ingrad started with work in autumn 1972. In November 1973 there was a festive opening of the 1st phase of building – gymnasium. The 2nd phase was built in 1974.

In 1977 there was a feative opening of 20 contemporary furnished class-rooms and staff's rooms for the needs of subject level, administration office and versatile place. At the opening ceremony school was designated by compatriot and hero from Koroška, Franjo Malgaj.

In 1983 renovated and well furnished kitchen was handed over, in 1984 we topped the whole level of the roof.

During summer holidays in 1987 water was installed in all class-rooms in the old part of the school. In the same year additional building was handed over in use to branch Blagovna. School got two new class-rooms, a dining-room and a kitchen.

With scholastic year 1987/88 higher educational study for teachers of Primary School started. In scholastic year 1988/89 all day long Primary School was cancelled.

Branch Blagovna started scholastic year with 4 pure departments (before that there was a combination). As well school district between central and branch school was reformed. It's important to commend that 7 of our workers decided for outstanding higher educational study. During summer vacation in 1990 we changed all windows and door in the old part of school.Because of enlargement of departments on subject level we had to use 1 class- room from class level.

In 1990/91 there were 16 departments of class level, 19 departments of subject level and 1 department with adaptable programm. There were 1005 pupils all together.

With scholastic year 1991/92 we went over on 3 estimated periods. With January 1st 1992 all schools in community became public institutions. Former organization of Primary School (VIZ) fell apart.

In August 1992 we started with front revival of the old part of the school. According to left photos and according to the plan of original front, building company Remont from Celje gave to school approximately the same look as it was in the beginning.

In the same year branch Kalobje became a branch of Primary School Dobje. Subject Social-moral up-bringing was renamed in Ethics and Society.

In scholastic year 1992/93 we went over on »estimation with words«, what was for teachers, pupils and parents a big novelty. In October 1992 gymnasium was finished and handed over to its intention. Even dr. Slavko Gaber (Minister of school) took a part in the opening ceremony.

In scholastic year 1993/94 Serbo-Croatian language fell away from curriculum in 5th class. Instead of this two hours pupils acquired one hour in Slovene language. One hour extra (English language) was added to the pupils of 8th class (with accord of their parents). We cancelled school bell. School hour still lasted 45 minutes.

Big spacious and organized problems were cause for one more building in Šentjur.

Praparatory board was established and in April 1994 they already started with building works for new Primay School in Hruševec.

On June 13th 1994 Minister of school (dr. Slavko Gaber) put the ground stone and told this would be the 1st school, built for needs of Nine-Year Plan in Primary School.

In sholastic year 1994/95 pupils of 7th class got one hour extra in English language. From now on all the pupils from 5th to 8th class have 3 hours of English language a week. We started with facultative form of English language (twice a week) in 4th class. Communal budget covered cost of teachers.

In September 1995 a new school in Hruševec was built up. Because of that our school was relieved. Almost 380 pupils left school, in Hruševec went 17 our teachers. Because of that the number of departments on our school fell away on 22; the number of pupils was 510. We started the leading conference in new staff's room, which we didn't have it before.

On February 14th in 1996 a new law about Primary School came true. That meant a big turning-point for us and for our school history. Huge organized and huge changes happened.

We also elaborated a plan of thorough spacious revival of the old part of the school (recical of class-rooms and new furniture for school).

During summer vacation in 1996 we gained and regulated a beautiful space of a new library and computer class-room.

We also reformed roof between gymnasium and the old part of school and we went over to gas-fittings.

In scholastic year 1997/98 there were 22 departments on school with 420 pupils; on branch Blagovna there were 4 departments with 69 pupils. There were 58 employees; from that 40 professional workers. Professional workers directed a lot of energy in group working, which checked and attacked suggestions of new curriculum for the Nine-Year Plan. Our school started with Nine-Year Plan in 2000/2001, with 1st class.

With the acquisition of computer class-room, the number of situation was increased. Ministry for School and Sport and some sponsors helped us with the equipment.

Because of the old wooden ceiling in the old part of the school, building got long in the tooth. We changed wooden construction with concrete slab, we repaired one class-room for class level needs, another class-room was retidied in reading-room. We also gained the projects for the adaptation. We finished 1st part of computer network and we increased the number of situation in computer class-room.

During vacation in 2000 we prepared roomy terms for the Nine-Year Plan introduction. We equipped 3 class-rooms, we reequipped toilets and we bought the most important expedients.

September 4th 2000 is a historical date, because we started with Nine-Year Plan in 1st class. We registered 6 departments in Šentjur and 1 department on branch Blagovna. Because of pupils entry in 1st class of Nine-Year Plan, the number of pupils increased in 2000/2001.

That's why we had 10 departments on class level on central school; 12 departments on subjcet level, 1 department with adaptable programm and 2 departments for keeping the children. 482 children were on central school. On Branch Blagovna there were 5 departments on class level and 1 department for keeping the children. There were 69 children on this school. 59 employees were on both schools, from that we have 43 professional workers.

In February 2002 we registered 3rd generation of 6 years old children.

It's important to say, that we ended up with CD project in the beginnig of December 2000. In autumn 2001 we installed Internet network, telephone system CENTREX. 7Km of cables were put down. We changed wooden ceiling with concrete, we modernized 1 class-room on branch and 6 class-rooms on central school. We equipped 3 class-rooms on central school and 1 class-room on branch. In September 2001 2nd generation of pupils entered the Nine-Year Plan. Only 32 pupils were in 1st class (16 in each department). 16 pupils were on branch Blagovna. We put a video-view in dressing-rooms. In February 2002 3rd genration entered the Nine-Year Plan. Throughout all scholastic year 2001/2002 teachers of branch Blagovna were

preparing for a festive celebrating of centenary of school. A festive performance was on May 25th 2002. Almost 400 local people came. Minister of School and Sport (dr. Slavko Gaber) came; Hans Anderlet (German teacher during 2nd World War) came; Judita Kezmah (head person at Institution of School) came; Jurij Malovrh (Mayor of Šentjur) came; Marjan Marinšek (who prepared the whole exhibiton) came. We also modernized 2 class-rooms. We changed wooden ceiling on branch Blagovna and we renovated the whole school. Investment cost 6.000.000 sit. In August 2002 we coloured all the windows and door in the new part of

school, what cost us 700.000 sit. We renovated and we retidied the video class-room and we also requalified it in a modern lecture-room with 68 seats. In this school year we achieved extraordinary results on comptetitive area. We won 13 gold acknowledgements. Luka Vlaovič won 6 gold acknowledgements and was proclaimed for the best pupil on the school. Prize for the best pupils was 2-day trip to Munchen with headmaster.

With scholastic year 2002/03 we were received in eco-school project.

What in future?

Social development dictated us a modern school, which will provide a wide choice of knowledge, information and will try to learn the pupils how to respect the differences.