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Franjo Malgaj

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Franjo Malgaj

We're proud of our school name – Franjo Malgaj. Our school got its name on August 26th 1977, when additional building was finished.

On plaque it's written:«We built this school in 1977 with the contribution of our people. School is designated after our hero, Franjo Malgaj (1894-1919). He was a compaigner for Slovenska Koroška«.

Who was Franjo Malgaj?

He was born in 1895 in Hruševec, Šentjur. He attended Secondary School in Celje. The last years of Secondary School he spent in Kranj and in Pazin (Istra). He belong to progressive student's movement.

In 1914 (1st World War) the whole class was called in. In October 1918 he entered the Law University in Graz.

On November 6th 1918 Celje was celebrating the National Day. That was already the time, when Slovenska Koroška merged with new country. They decided army brigade should be sent on Koroška for defence of Slovenian fellow-countrymen and for the liberation of Slovenska Koroška. Lieutenant Franjo Malgaj enlisted as the 1st one in brigade, which counted approximately 50 men.

Franjo Malgaj also took over the command. He occupied Dravograd. His brigade increased up to 300 men. But enemy became stronger and stronger. Promised help never came.

His death is still wrapped up in mystery. It's written he died unfortunately– in explosion.

It's important to say, that without Franjo Malgaj and Maister, Mežiška dolina nad Jezersko would belong to Austria.

Fran Roš, a fellow-combatant and a a poet wrote:«Franjo Malgaj was a man, who belongs to the middle part of Slovene people«.

Besided his name (what's also the name of the school) you can see the grand memorial in the centre of Šentjur. In Hruševec you can see settled memorial room. Young historians of our school with Slavica Čoklc gathered Malgaj's legacy. In March 1999 they published exploratory assignment. Title was »Malgaj is knocking«. Exploratory assignment is kept in school and communal library.