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Bojana Kunst

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   Nevarne povezave - Telo, filozofija in razmerje do umetnega
Dangerous Connections - Body, Philosophy and Relationship to the Artificial

Book published by Maska, Ljubljana, 2004
ISBN: 961-91078-7-X

   Wireless Relationships: Attraction, Emotion, Politics
Lecture at the Conference: Ohne Schnur, Art and Wireless Communication (3-4. April, 2004).

   Performing of the Truth: Metamorphoses of Wayn Traub
Published in Maska, vol. XIX, no. 7-8, 2004.

   The Organization of Happiness and the Exhausted Body
Published in: 'hopefully someone will carry out great venegance on me', Catalogue of Impure Company / Hooman Sharifi, Brussels, 2004.

   Virtual Biopolitical Parliament: Davide Grassiís DemoKino
Written for DemoKino / Davide Grassi,;

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