Bojana Kunst
Bojana Kunst

_texts / 2003

   On Strategic Interventions in Performance Art: Self-Representation of the Body
Frakcija, Zagreb, Croatia

   Politics of Affection and Uneasiness
First Published in Monty catalogue (Antwerp, Belgium), November 2004 and Maska, no. 5-6 (82-83), Sum-Aut, 2003, pp. 23 26.

   Subversion and the Dancing Body: Autonomy on Display
First published in Performance Research; Copyright: Taylor & Francis Ltd, July, 2003.
(PDF file)

   On strategies in Contemporary Performing Arts
First published in Maska, Magazine for Contemporary Performing Arts, January, 2003.

   The Form of Global Happiness
First published in the Catalogue of Hooman Sharifi Impure Company, February 2003.

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