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  AnnApPar is an intuitive GUI-based software for exploring approximation with artificial neural networks. AnnApPar is freeware.

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About the Software

  This software has been created by Igor Grešovnik. It is aimed at exploring the artificial neural networks (ANNs) - based modeling.



Only experimental version of AnnApp is currently available for download. Application currently runs only on 64 bit Windows (.NET or Mono framework must be installed).

Download and installation instructions:

Examples and Screenshots

Evaluation of Model Outputs.
Evaluation of model outputs at the specified input parameters.

Evaluation of Model Outputs.
Parametric study (1D).

Evaluation of Model Outputs.
Parametric Study (2d).

Evaluation of Model Outputs.
Parametric Study (2d).

Evaluation of Model Outputs.
Full version of the software.

Other Software 

IGLib Logo. This softwae is based on Investigative Generic Library (IGLib.NET).

Some other publically available software based on this library includes:

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