27th Ljubljana Cup



Slovenia, Ljubljana, October 14th - 16th, 2005

Download entry form here (.rtf)

ARK Komarov, Hudovernikova 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

FAI events:
  • S4A (WORLD CUP),
  • S6A (WORLD CUP),
  • S7 (WORLD CUP),
  • S8E/p (WORLD CUP),
  • S9A (WORLD CUP),
  • S3A

Non-FAI events:

  • Odd-roc (Show program)

Contest rules:
The competition will be held according to the present FAI rules. This competition is open for the individuals with a valid FAI sporting license as well as the teams (Teams should be formed at the registration with no limits up to 3 members). Odd-roc and high power rocket flights will run in coordination with the organiser. Scale judges will judge the entries in category S7. Expert jury will judge all entries in Odd-roc and High power rocket program.

Best individuals will be rewarded with sport trophies (diplomas and plaques -- "Dragons") as well as best teams who will be rewarded with diplomas and cups. Show program will be also rewarded with diplomas and plaques - Dragons.

Launching site:
The competition will take place in Kamnik area near Ljubljana. Launching site is situated about 20 km from the centre of the city. See the location of main points on the map.

FAI jury:
Mr. Srdjan Pelagič (president), Serbia and Montenegro
Mr. Krešimir Pavleš, Croatia
Mr. Jože Čuden, Slovenia

Scale judges:
Mr. Primož Kuhar (president), Slovenia
Mr. Matevž Dular, Slovenia
Mr. Andrej Vrbec, Slovenia

LZS delegate:
Mr. Srečko Lendaro, Slovenia

Safety range officer:
Mr. Marjan Čuden, Slovenia

SRO assistant:
Mr. Andrija Dučak, Serbia and Montenegro

S8E/p coordinator:
Mr. Ivan Turk, Slovenia

Contest director (proposal):
Mr. Anton Šijanec, Slovenia

President of the organising committee:
Mr. Jože Čuden, Slovenia

Protests are possible in one-hour period after each category in writing along with 35 EUR protest fee.

3rd party insurance:
All competitors and visitors participate on their own responsibility (risk). Organiser will not take the responsibility for any accident, damage or injury, caused by the models. All competitors are responsible for any accident, damage or injury caused by their models.

Official language:
Official languages at the contest are Slovene and English.

All the participants are kindly requested to confirm the participation at the contest on the entry forms enclosed with this material. Deadline for the preliminary check-in is 11th October, 2005 (to e-mail: anton.sijanec@guest.arnes.si and joze.cuden@guest.arnes.si). After this date we will not be able to assure you a proper accommodation.

Entry Fee:
Entry fee is 35 EUR for each participant. It covers the costs of:

  • participation cards, organising costs, and other materials,
  • sport trophies,
  • competitor T-shirts.

Separately, we offer payable meals and drinks in our snack bar at the launching site.

In cash at the arrival (For the entry fee, accommodation and other orders).

Accommodation is possible in a small motel at Kamniška Bistrica (12 km from Kamnik) for the price 4.200 SIT per person per night, tourist tax 220 SIT, breakfast 700 SIT and supper (dinner) 1.500 SIT. We suggest a complete arrangement (one night, breakfast, tax, supper) for 5.500 SIT / day / person. (1 EUR = 240 SIT)
Number of beds in the motel is limited to 38, so make a reservation as soon as possible. For all other competitors (over 38), accommodation will be organised in small inns nearby.
Register yourself as soon as possible!
Get together party will take place at the motel at Saturday evening.
According to your demand, we can arrange a reservation in one of the hotels in Ljubljana.

Get together party:
Very important part of the competition is meeting of friends, therefore some drink and snack will be organised in the motel at Kamniška Bistrica. For the competitors who will have paid complete arrangement, the supper will be served. After the awarding ceremony in the motel there will be place and time for the "Get together party". The participants should pay all expenses for the additional orders.

Arrival and registration:
Registration of the participants with payments (entry fee and motel) will take place in the motel at Kamniška Bistrica on Friday, 14th October, from 6 p.m. till 10 p.m.
Address: Planinski dom v Kamniški Bistrici, Stahovica 9, 1242 Stahovica, Slovenia, EU.

Secretary of the ARK Komarov:
Anton Šijanec
President of the ARK Komarov:
Jože Čuden

You can also contact us to the following numbers:

++ 386 1 2324700 - Jože Čuden (at home),
++ 386 1 4790220 - Jože Čuden (office)
++ 386 1 5830507 - Anton Šijanec (office)
++ 386 1 4790230 (J. Čuden - office)
++ 386 1 5193496 (A. Šijanec - office)

Timetable of the 27th Ljubljana Cup

Friday, 14th October

6.00 p.m. -- 10.00 p.m. -- arrival of the competitors, payment of the entry fees and costs of the accommodation,
9.00 p.m. -- 10.00 p.m. -- delivery of the models for S7 class,
after 10.00 p.m. -- free time for fun and pleasure.

Saturday, 15th October

7.30 a.m. - breakfast,
8.00 a.m. -- departure to the launching site,
8.40 a.m. -- opening ceremony,
8.50 a.m. -- registration, payment of the entry fees for the competitors arriving on Saturday,
9.00 a.m. -- 9.30 a.m. -- models registration for the classes S4, S9 and S6,
9.30 a.m. -- 12.30 a.m. -- S4A flights (3 x 1 hour long rounds),
10.00 a.m. till sunset - high power rocket flights in coordination with the organiser,
12.45 a.m. -- 3.45 p.m. -- S9A flights (3 x 1 hour long rounds),
4.00 p.m. -- 6.15 p.m. -- S6A flights (3 x 45 minutes long rounds),
6.30 p.m. -- 7.00 p.m. -- time reserved for fly-offs,
7.15 p.m. -- departure from the launching site,
8.29 p.m. -- taking over S7 models,
at about 8.30 p.m. -- prize-giving ceremony in the motel at Kamniška Bistrica and "Get together party".

Sunday, 17th October

7.30 a.m. - breakfast,
8.00 a.m. -- departure to the launching site,
8.40 a.m. -- registration, payment of the entry fees for the competitors arriving on Sunday,
8.45 a.m. -- 9.15 a.m. -- models registration for classes S8E/p, S3A and show,
9.15 a.m. -- 12.15 a.m. -- S8E/p flights in groups,
10.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. - high power rocket and show model flights in coordination with the organiser,
10.00 a.m. -- 3.00 p.m. -- S7 flights (2 x 2 hours and 30 minutes long rounds),
12.30 a.m. -- 3.30 p.m. -- S3A flights (3 x 1 hour long rounds),
3.30 p.m. -- 4.00 p.m. -- time reserved for fly-offs,
4.00 p.m. -- prize-giving ceremony and closing of the competition.

In case of bad weather or any other case the organiser reserves a right to change the timetable

(c) ARK Komarov 2005