27th Ljubljana Cup Report


Ljub… somefing?!? World Cup Space Modelling
27th Ljubljana Cup ~ Kamniska Polygon ~ Slovenia
14-16 October 2005

by Stuart Lodge

SLOVENIJA remains the Greenest Piece of Europe - Ljubljana remains the oldest World Cup and 2005's maybe the best ever!! Kamniska Polygon was where the World came out to play, with flyers from twelve nations chasing the fabled Ljubljana Dragons. Kamniska Bistrica was where the World came to party on Saturday night!!

..BUT BEFORE this, Wednesday 12 October saw your Editor travel to Paris to receive the Frank Ehling Diploma at the 100th Plenary Meeting of FAI. Accompanied by Jennie, this was duly accepted before the assembled dignitaries followed by a mad dash back to England to catch the easyJet from Stansted to Ljubljana - and not by very much..

S6A-Streamer Duration World Cup 50 started in perfect conditions, in what was the showdown between Zoran "Zoka" Katanic (SCG) and Toni Mazzaracchio (ITA), for the 2005 World Cup. Zivan Josipivic & Nebojsa Dikic (SCG), Neus Misse (ESP), Elena Kurkova (RUS) and Luka Svajger & Miha Cuden (SLO), plus Britons Trevor Seabrook, John Jacomb and your Editor, just a few of the chasers. There was nothing better all year, with Toni Mazz imperious chasing the Golden Dragon and the World Cup:

1 Toni MAZZARACCHIO ITA 114 119 119 = 352s
2 Zoran KATANIC SCG 82 113 112 = 307s
3 Dejan MATIJEVIC SCG 99 104 103 = 306s

S4A-Boost Glider World Cup This was a super event, with the still conditions. Russians Vladimir Khokhlov and wife Elena Kurkova; Siman Urbas, Blaz Grgic & Marjan Jenko (SLO), Zoka & Zivan Josipovic (SCG) and Boleslav Vecera (SVK) looked the pick of the bunch - but there were lots & lots of others. Contrasting with Belgrade, folding S4As seemed more dominant and the Russians flew "wings" which collapsed down into a tube for the boost - very effective. The standard was awesome..

1 Zoran KATANIC SCG 180 180 180 = 540s
2 Vladimir KHOKHLOV RUS 180 180 166 = 526s
3 Elena KURKOVA RUS 180 180 129 = 489s

S3A-Parachute Duration The entry mirrored S6A and was flown on Sunday afternoon in perfect, still conditions. Often accused of being an outdated lottery, S3-Parachute remains very popular. Russian Vladimir Khokhlov set the pace and survived the "Round of Death" - Round 2 was where most contenders lost a vital few seconds - for a perfect Gold. Attractive Spaniard, Nuria Crusellas got Silver and Primoz Turk (SLO) the Bronze. Stuart Lodge frustrated with 4th place, in a real Maxfest!!

1 Vladimir KHOHKLOV RUS 300 300 300 = 900s
2 Nuria CRUSELLAS ESP 290 300 300 = 890s
3 Primoz TURK SLO 300 246 300 = 846s

S7-Scale World Cup Superb - the best World Cup S7-Scale line-up for many years. The Arianes of Gica & Gabriel Constantinescu and Florica & Lucien Sercainau (ROM), plus Tibor Marchyn (SVK) were the class acts; your scribe's V-5-V Vertikal looking just a little forlorn! The FAI Judges were busy for hours and the flying - Marchyn's exploding Ariane the exception - fantastic. Vertikal delivered everything well, leaving Loggi happy with 5th. Seriously, this was a scale event second only to the European Championships. And where else could you find two attractive female flyers like Gica & Florica on the podium?!?

1 Gica CONSTANTINESCU ROM Ariane 3 V10 698+232 = 930pt
2 Gabriel CONSTANTINESCU ROM Ariane 44LP 690+ 90 = 780pt
3 Florica SERCAIANU ROM Ariane 3 664+ 70 = 734pt

S8E/P RC Rocket Glider Spot Landing World Cup Fantastic!! …that sums up this class, flown late on the Sunday, in failing light. The Swiss Team of Turi Hunziker, Danni Studiger, Michael Lehmann and Martin Eichenberger came to dominate and flew like a box of Swiss watches… to administer a whitewash (Swiss watch..)!

1 Turi HUNZIKER SUI 1000 1000 1000 898 = 3891pt
2 Danni STUDIGER SUI 903 1000 1000 991 = 3894pt
3 Michael LEHMANN SUI 903 980 936 1000 = 3819pt

S9A-Gyrocopter Duration Another sensational line up. Zoka Katanic, Stefan Timotijevic & Aleksandar Gerasimovski (SCG), Esther & Jordi Roura and Neus Misse (ESP) and Oleg Merkulov & Elena Kurkova… But only the top half-dozen were consistent, mirroring observations elsewhere. The Podium

1 Nebojsa DIKIC SCG 180 180 130 = 490s
2 Zoran KATANIC SCG 180 121 153 = 454s + 193s
3 Esther Roura ESP 137 147 170 = 454s + 152s

Ljubljana?!?. The last word, that's what!! What a Ljubljana for Zoka Katanic and Vladimir Khokhlov! Super World Cup triumph for Toni Mazz! Great to see family Seabrook and John Jacomb in Ljubljana, the latter taking home a coveted Silver Dragon for Show Models - his Tweety Pie Oddroc performing superbly. Your scribe claimed a new FAI World Record in class S9C-Gyrocopter Duration, as did Miha Kozjek in S3D-Parachute Duration…with both now in the protracted ratification stages!. No praise is too high for Contest Director, Tone Sijanec and the Jury, Srdjan Pelagic, Joze Cuden & Jiri Taborsky…plus ARK Komarov,…You are the Greatest!!

SACL 1 11 05

ARK Komarov 200