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New classroom in progress complete installation of ethernet network
and setting up OS and all the required software.


Common every day at work with repairing the broken laptops and
reinstalling necessary software.


DIY rgh for XBOX 360 for "educational" purposes only where you
can glitch the console for around 5 euros worth of material.

My bicycle with takes me around town from one school to another.


Another disk replacement after failure and reinstall with
Windows 10 and Office 2013.

GPU reball of PHAT 360 with the right equipment.

I also like to spend time with cooking and baking all sorts of things
it relaxes me.

So much to do, and so little time (Batman 1989)


  • September 4, 2015Started to work on this page
    that you are looking right now .
  • September 16, 1980When i was born to this harsh world.
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