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I do all sort of thing from when I was just a
brat and getting to know the world of personal
computer via famous Commodore C64 where I wrote my
first lines of the programing code in Basic and also
soldered LED diodes on C64 printer port to transform
my C64 to "Knight rider", it just didnt what to speak
witch still confuses me why.

Thru the years in computer engineer and electronic
I did all sorts of things from programing
(Basic, Turbo pascal, Delphi, Bascom) to building
things from scratch "MacGyver Style", sporting,
unlocking phones and consoles and some small time
of amount to hacking and phreaking.



  • September 4, 2015Started to work on this page
    that you are looking right now .
  • September 16, 1980When i was born to this harsh world.
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