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Conceiving a GREEN home, where sustainable living is a reachable goal, where the ideal, alternative, fully equipped ecological house is created for all European citizens; this is the pinnacle of this project gathering  partners of old en new Europe, of North and South.

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The pupils will discover the present situation by assessing the water quality, inquiring about the local water treatment, questioning families in the region about energy consumption, lifestyles, sustainable living. The interpreted outcomes will be the starting point for virtual discussions and real meetings. During this social learning process, pupils and teachers will use an e-learning platform, and modern high tech tools, created by Free Your River. Pupils will discover and compare each others situation, way of thinking, living, language, culture and decide together on the ideal solution for each part of the GREEN house. Unanimously, they will propose sustainable solutions: each partner creating one virtual room of THE ideal house and show it in a video clip. They will make a little dictionary with the essential words related to the video clips; and a quiz to understand better each typical approach. Pupils will experience European citizenship as a quality of attitudes, interactions of individuals related to one big society. During the fair, big final event, pupils will present all the outcomes. They will invite other youngsters, parents, and local decision makers; the whole community.

One important action of the Home GREEN Home project is the linking with Free Your River, a Minerva project which develops a learning environment and IT-tools on how to become a river friendly community. Besides the developing of an own unique project, all partners will do the testing of the tools, the formulating of critical feedback and the reporting, since the Minerva project doesn’t foresee any grant for this testing by us, partner schools.



All reports available:

Year 2:

Project week2, June 2007, Reports2 (2006/2007)

for videoclips go to offical web site, choose activities, videoclips and enter the server

Our theme was : Garden


Project week JUNE 2006Reports (year 2005/2006)


Key Milestones 2007/2008

  • October - coordinators meeting in Marsala, student exchange, Marsala

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