Carnivorous plants in Slovenia

Welcome to this site, dedicated to carnivorous plants, growing in Slovenia. Where is this little country, with less inhabitants than some quarters of London?

About Slovenia 



We have no society yet as we are only three or four grow ing (more than three) carnivorous plants.

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Just click on the fly (or the VFT) if you want to visit my site! Maybe there are some photos a little bit different and felicitous. You probably won't understand a word of Slovenian language. But who cares!


(Backward and forward buttons are on the same places as usual. You won't lose yourself).

But if you are interested which carnivorous plants could be found in Slovenia and where, here is the link:

CPs in Slovenia

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I'm not selling anything. I'm tottaly independent. My vision is to:

bulletpropagate, make a bank of plants,
bulletreturning plants to the wild habitats if needed,
bulletand educate, what I think is the key to preserving our natural heritage.

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The major projects since today have been:

bullet Exhibition of Carnivorous Plants at Botanical Garden of University in Ljubljana in October, 2003,
bulletNative Carnivorous Plants Show 2005 in Botanical Garden, Ljubljana.


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If you have anything to comment or ask, my address is:

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