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Muhammad Müller

muhammad müller

The basis.tunnel runs between Werkstadt Graz and der Koroška galerija likovnih umetnosti Slovenj Gradec. The tunnel is 67900 metres (underground) as the crow flies and all calculations are based on this minimum. The cross-section of the tunnel is large enough for two people to meet. The cellar rooms located at both ends are already a physical component of the basis.tunnel, which has yet to be cleared of soil and stone. The basis.tunnel is a symbol of a link that is already well-frequented on the intellectual level, a link that two diggers would take 5658 years to physically uncover. Digging work on both sides will commence in autumn 1425 (2004). Unemployed a profession. If the economy continues to grow on the current scale and if no substantial regulations on splitting up working time are enacted, we will have to regard unemployed people as a professional group. Fully employed people will have to find unemployed people to secure their rights or apply for them at the job centre. Unemployed people will be in urgent demand - and we will no longer see them in the sense of a derogatory lack of profession. The basis.tunnel as a pilot project for training professional unemployed people.

Mule breeding
Transport of the loose material out of the basis.tunnel is to be facilitated with the aid of mules. A mule-driver will take about one day to walk through the roads of the various towns to the burial mound or intermediate storage site and back. Therefore, it would seem to make sense to add a mule route planning system (hiking trails) to this transport undertaking.

Burial mound
The heaped up excavated material will create an eighty-metre-high burial mound at a place yet to be designated and is a monument to the mass murder of Muslims over the past 5342 years. It has already become unavoidable for the public to reappraise this past and Spiegelmontage im basis.tunnel intellectually (not culturally) to examine Islam.

Taxi Project as a taxi driver; a service in the field of congruent perceptions. People will be able to order a taxi service to both ends of the basis.tunnel. This will create a new experience of the route of the basis.tunnel above ground in this context.


Construction of the basis.tunnel indicates a period of 11000 years,
which is longer than the history of civilisation known from textbooks. The intention and conception at the beginning of work - the end as a concept before the beginning - is forgotten and torn from its context.

Concepts are usually wrongly experienced as preceding actions but they are really past events that are put before actions after the fact; the striving self thus hopes to achieve inner calm. Concepts are therefore pulled over the past and baser aspects of the soul see themselves as creative. Actions and concepts are stored in antenatal memory and their discovery is a series of many arduous

Rescue complete is available for physical digging (shovels, pick-axes and other tools). Number: 49. General ledger numbers 7021 -
7068. But what is „rescue complete“? It is the polish on the personal mirror and flight from the Almighty to the Almighty. muhammad mueller 1425 (2005) www.mueller.at

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Muhammad Müller
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Koroška galerija likovnih umetnosti Slovenj Gradec
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2380 Slovenj Gradec
+386 (0)2 88 41 283
fax:+386 (0)2 88 22 130


Muhammad Müller

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