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July 25 - August 6, 2007 Station Nord  Honefoss, Norway  
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Post from Station Nord to Rene & Bostjan

Sunday, Aug 5 , 2007   Honefoss, Norway  

stasjon hval, 4.08 2007 17.13

Hello from hval st.

It has been a little difficult keeping up our "meetings" from this side, due to computer problems,many things to arrange etc..

Thank you for your postcards and for experimenting this collaboration with us. Hope to see you fisically next time.

Our group has gotten a bit smaller, four artists have allready left.
Today is a windy and grey day, seems as autumn is here...

Bye for now and have a nice weekend!

hval st.


Monday, July 30 , 2007   Honefoss, Norway  

Hval station 30.07 2007 14.31

danes soncno in toplo........ polno neverjetnih komarjev........ vceraj je prisel gianni.... sedaj nas je 18......



lep dan





Friday, July 27 , 2007   Honefoss, Norway  

Hval station 27.07 2007 23.37

I still have problems sending you fotos wich Moreno copied to my computer with a key, so tomorrow I will send my own...

We are waiting for a family of artists arriving tomorrow from italy with a car. Today- local newspaper was here (maybe we manage to send you a foto) and so we went for a tour to a museum near here where it is an old timber factory wich is now a foundation of modern art.

We have watched Topolo news and David has shown us his works- Karen has been dansing and painting in the pack house "Room 22"- Gianluca is drawing and thinking of the proiections on the train, Antonella is working on a video, but having tecnical problems..She and Moreno will go for a touristic trip towards Bergen next week. Tomorrow we have invited children to come here and do various things..(hope someone will show up) Now we are a lazy group almost going to bed..

A quarter to midnight and it is almost dark. Here we cannot see any stars yet..

Love from Hval st.


Thursday, July 26 , 2007   Honefoss, Norway  
Hval station 26.7.2007 21:55
david here from the u.s.  it is nice you can join us virtually.  we wish you could be here in person.  the station is very nice and inspiring.  the passing trains are great---alternating between passenger trains and freight trains.  i am hoping this visit will add a new dimension to my work.  i am a painter-sculptor-installation artist. 
i hope your work on your house goes well and quickly.

Wednesday, July 25 , 2007    Introduction Honefoss, Norway  

Hval st. 25 July 2007 hour 22.08

Passenger train just passing.... The sun casts light on the clouds passing slowly in the sky. The sunset is about to start and in some hours it will get darker.
The first evening here at the station artists have gone to bed early to get a good rest.

The persons arrived: Moreno Miorelli and Antonella Bucowac as you know. Toni went to get them in Oslo with our car while my daughter and I  waited by the road near here for David Poppie from U.sA. But he came another way a bit later. So Karen Kerkhoven from Australia came with bus Oslo- Hønefoss and to the station while we went for a walk to the river just down here.

Gianluca Costantini and Anna Sicuro from Italy has arrived , but they are out in oslo this evening.
The next days- 28 .th Stefania Pellegrini, Cristiano de Gaetano, Adriano Pellegrini, Cecilia Panaro, Francesco Pellegrini, and two kids Giordano and Frida from Italy(south) will arrive by car . Gianni Bianchini from Liverpool (Italy) will come

We will get to know eachother and the territory the next days- 28-29 30 we have open for kids if they want to do activities.

Now we will send you some photos for this first day at hval station.
love and good night
Hval station.
I didn`t manage the photos I wanted so I will try again tomorrow!