July 25 - August 6, 2007 Station Nord  Honefoss, Norway  
  July 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 August
Rene & Bostjan's postcards from Ljubljana and arround

Sunday, Aug 5, 2007   Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ljubljana, 6. 08. 2007, 17.55    

Ljubljana, 5. 08. 2007, 21.28

Hello Rene!
Because you wrote on one of the first postcards that you will take a photo of the Ljubljana railway station (and you also told me when we met last week) and because today is the last day of the postcards and you are not in Ljubljana, I took some photos of the Ljubljana railway station today. This is the first photo, this is me on platform 2/3. More photos will come in the next mail.

Lp, cym

Thank you, cym, to become the most active part of this north/south communication spot!  
  This photo reminds me so much of Amsterdam...

Saturday,Aug 4, 2007   Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, 2. 08. 2007, 19.30

Saturday's postcard is from Bostjan. We go to seaside for a day, so I put it on already today.

Here, Bostjan sends a postcard of Honefoss as the center of the world.

Click here, to get bigger picture!


Friday,Aug 3, 2007   Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, 2. 08. 2007, 23.07


Today I got a long email from australia. I would like to post these two photos of the two artists, one in australia, the other in tai pei, very well known to at least four of you, up there on north.

Of course, I cannot publish them without asking, so, till then, here are the spoiled photos.





Thursday,Aug 2, 2007   Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, 2. 08. 2007, 23.07

New Station in Walkersdorf!
Nova Postaja v Walkersdorfu!

Walkersdorf, Austria

News by cym

Wednesday,Aug 1, 2007   Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, 1. 08. 2007

my first video conversation with my mother & father. It was the first one because of me, they use it for long time to chat with their friends and relatives.




yeah, it's time... we started packing (slowly, slowly, the works in the new flat are far from finished, but...). I took pictures of our small but cosy kitchen. It goes with us, but the constellation will change and it will need time to get its soul back.


Tuesday, July 31 , 2007   Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, 31. 07 2007, 11.05


cym sent some pictures
to continue yesterday's wd8 visit...

Photo taken on the tower of
Ljubljana Castle,
29 July 2007,
around 4 P.M,

by cym
  Photo taken in
Ljubljana - Trnovo,
29 July 2007,
between 9.55 P.M and 1.30 A.M.,

by cym
  Virtual WD8 model by cym

Monday, July 30 , 2007   Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, 30. 07. 2007, 11.05

Rain, today. What a relief...



So, what happened yesterday, was:
We did visit WD8 art center at the end, just not in Austria, but in Ljubljana, Trnovo.

After publishing yesterday's postcard and trying to contact cym, we got this emails:


Photos taken in
Ljubljana, Trnovo
29 July 2007
between 9.55 P.M and 1.30 A.M.



On 7/29/07, cym wrote:

oh, i like the idea of connecting remotely :) and such nice photos of Wd8!
wd8 ljubljana ceiling...
i am hiding in Trnovo at the moment.
I was thinking to walk by your new apartment and see if you are at home, but i thought that you will probably be in Norway these days and besides i decided that you are having summer holidays from the school so i shouldn't disturb you:)

So i am using my time here in Ljubljana to finish some work and write some proposals. I made a long walk up to the castle yesterday and again today.

I wrote a long story in my head while walking around LJubljana. Maybe i will write it down and send you, so you could use it for your project of connecting places. But it is more about LJubljana than about Wd8 really...

Sending postcards is nice, let me think of a way to connect. And if you like to go for a coffee at Trnovski Zvon, or in your new home, just let me know. I am driving back to Austria tomorrow afternoon.

Lp, cym

the floor
On 7/29/07, cym wrote:
Hello Rene, I see now that you wrote the post about Wd8 1,5 hours ago, just when i was on the hill in the castle viewing the history of Ljubljana in the virtual muzej.

Was a bit odd to see the virtual castle while sitting inside the same building at the same time, but it is exactly what i want to do in Wd8, connecting the virtual and the real Wd8...

If you want to visit cym and Wd8 still today, just pass by at my room in Trnovo. I am working right now on the virtual reconstruction of the Wd8 building. There is no need to drive all the way to Austria in this heat to visit Wd8.

Lp, cym
  building virtual wd8
  visitors of the virtual wd8
Oskar was here!
But not tonight.
and more...
Full moon (hm, you have to trust me) above Trnovo
and night owls over the river
Vesna and Anja (our former students, very interesting young persons)
  Katalena and friends
Cym in a bar, three minutes from her Ljubljana home and six minutes from our future home.  

Sunday, July 29 , 2007   Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, 29. 07 2007, 16.39

Today we had in plan to visit cym in her WD8 center near Austrian Graz, but we stayed at home. The tourist migrations are crazy, and the heath is dangerous. We don't feel well.

We will contact cym by email, as well.

Photos taken in
Walkersdorf, Austria
22 Feb. 2006



visit Wd8:

These photos were taken in February 2006, when Bostjan and I went to document the mounting of the WD8 sign on the wall of the Art center.  

The place is huuuuge! Ups and downs, basements and attics, back yards and front yards..


Saturday, July 28 , 2007   Katarina, Slovenia

Ljubljana, 28. 07 2007, late A.M

No trains, yet. The temperatures are killing, we move slowly, hide insides or in greener and cooler areas.

Today, we met with Jasmina, Dragan and their baby doughter Lea on Katarina (mountain? hill?). This is not far from Ljubljana and veeeery green. We had a light dinner at a typical Slovene 'gostilna' (village restaurant) in a neat Slovene village, surrounded with typical Slovene 'travniki' and 'gozdovi' (pastures and woods) and 'kozolec' (hm... typical Slovene drying-frame for hay).



Friday, July 27 , 2007   Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, 27. 07 2007 after midnight, already 28th...

Today I met with Natasa and Aleksandra in artists association gallery garden. We should discuss a project that is going to happen in September.
In spring I was invited to make a garden project, one of this year's seasons. I chose autumn for different reasons. And decided to use the term to meet my colleague artists and friends.
It will be women tea party kind of thing. We will experiment with socializing and doing things that are new for us. Or, on the other hand, so usual that we don't usually do them in public.
A few months ago we met there with my students, today it was the first meeting on the spot, with Natasa and Aleksandra.
We are quite exited, we'll see what will come out of this.


Natasa and Aleksandra are my teaching assistants of sculpture at our school. They often work together, having performances in public places: simultaneously reading erotic literature while dressed as business women, plaiting their fake hair while sitting on extremely high beds, dressed in long white nightdresses..

Isabela is Natasa's younger doughter. Her older one, India, is two.

This is the garden. The objects here belong to the previous exhibition and are packed to move out.  
A view of Ljubljana castle from an unusual spot..  

... from the corner between national radio and national tv house.

to come to the garden where we met, take the left road. You will find it behind the house which is behind the yellow one.


Ljubljana, 27. 07 2007 A.M.

hi david,
thank you for introducing yourself and the station. two sentences about the station and I already feel closer to it. it is strange, trying to be in a place that you don't know... Till now, I had that nicest wooden house in my mind when I thought of hval. I have never imagined any trains passing. like it was an abandoned station. now I added the trains to the picture... and suddenly, the picture got sound...
I will go and take a picture of ljubljana train station these days and send it to you.


Thursday, July 26 , 2007 Nature & The City Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, 27.07 2007 A.M.

Dear Hval Station friends!

I am sorry, our computer was at his doctor's yesterday, so we couldn't put this on yesterday - we fill in the gap today.

Still in Ljubljana. In the morning, meeting at the school with Tina and Tevz about the future plans for 'eu-stuart.si festival.

Don't worry, you will get to know more about the school as well as eu-stuart.si later. The school is a big part of our lives, so... soon to be introduced.


The photos were made during and after the storm on Tuesday, 24th July. The storm reduced hardly bearable high temperatures.

I invite you to our garden again, as we are really fascinated by the fact that we are going to have 'nature at one side and city on the other'. The three of us moved many times in last two decades. We were renting flats in different parts of the city, depending of occasions and prices. If we could choose with no obstacles, we would live most of these years above the roofs, in a spacy flat with big terrace. Sky above, city below. Perfect.
But now we are obviously older and when we found this old flat with the garden, we realized this would be it.
In these summer days, when we finally have a little more time, we go there every evening - to watch the stars, to listen to the birds, to walk back to town as we have already lived there...



I have problems with views or, with no-views. I fill claustrophobic when I can't see far enough from at least one of my windows. That is why I am so fascinated with the sky above the garden, the light, the sounds of the city, interrupted with people chatting in their gardens. And the trees (my mother cannot believe I am suddenly interested in plants), the grass...


Behind this window of the neighbouring house live two girls that are our students - what a coincidence!



The plan for our 'e-postcards' was, that we find every day something interesting to introduce to you. Also to travel out of Ljubljana, find interesting events...

Just now it seems that we are stuck in our private view..


Wednesday, July 25 , 2007    First try & introduction Ljubljana, Slovenia

Hello Station Nord!
Instead of flying to Norway, we chase builders of our future home to hurry up. We are three months late, so we had to stay at home and missed experiencing this year's Nord Station in present. We decided to be present anyway, so we will think of you every day and send you a postcard from different spots and events, private, semi private or public.

We started with a private one.

Ljubljana is Slovenia's capital.
These days, the state and the capital are not in good relationship.
The state is punishing the capital for being too urban and free minded. Or for something else.
Strange situation.

Here you can see us sitting on our future balcony at a new coffee table (Ursa just brought it from a sale - thank you!)

The green on the side is our neighbours' garden. We wish to have ours green as well, one day.

This is our future home.

Extremely high temperatures of last week (34C) have been reduced by yesterday's storm.
Today it was 'only' around 30C.