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About the project

Project name: Computer Metamorphoses - art - primary schools, (students aged 11+12, grade 5)

Description of project:

This project aims to develop students' attitude to art, their observation, creativity and the use of ICT for creating artworks. We would like to start co-operation with national galleries to present and guide young students into the world of art on national and international level. (In our case -  Slovenia we will be in touch with one of the persons of our national Gallery, and we expect other partners to do the same in their country.)

Project plan - steps:

Each partner school chooses one of the artworks (they could scan it or find it on the web) of their national artist and send it to us (

All the sent paintings will be published on our site and sent to the partner schools.

Each partner chooses all the paintings of the other partners (if there are 5 partners that means 4 paintings) except their own.

Students in the partner school try to paint the picture by using computer graphic programs (paintbrush, Painter, CorelDraw or others)

After drawing it they also write a short opinion about their painting:
- why did they choose that painting
- what was the most difficult part to paint
- where were they most successful and why?

They send their artworks and opinions to the project co-ordinator and also publish them on their site if they have one.

The artworks will be published in the electronic gallery.

The main aim of the project is to get to know and understand other national painters' artworks and to develop students' own interpretation of art.

Duration: Sept-Dec 2002

Age group: 8 -11 (+/-1)

Expected number of schools: 3-5. Students from different European countries, different cultural backgrounds.

Subjects: art

Cultural part
Collecting useful links to Galleries, get to know other nations artists and their artworks

- drawing artworks with a help of computer programs
- observations
- express opinions about their work
- publish the students' artworks

Expected outcomes/products: 
- electronic gallery of students' artworks
- useful links to national galleries
- students' opinions about creating artworks
- web-pages with all the materials published 

Project language(s):
any language, just students' opinions translated into English

General timetable.
Stage 1. 3-5 partner schools submit till June
Stage 2. they meet in  Prague on kick off meeting
Stage 3. In September they choose the paintings and send them to co-ordinator
Stage 4. students create their artworks - active period
Stage 5. artworks are sent to co-ordinating partner
Stage 6. the artworks and opinions are published in the @gallery
Stage 7. Evaluation of the project
Stage 8. final report - December

Prepared by 
Viljeka Šavli and 
Metka Miljavec
Solkan Primary School
, Slovenia

March, 2002

© Viljenka Šavli