The truth of life
Galery of pictures
Open letter to Mr Hawking

Original manuscript

by lady Angela



  'This picture represents the Solar sistem. On the bottom there is planet Earth. It all reminds me of a giant umbrella...

It can be seen from the picture that everything is connected with an energetic system. How sun works, how moon is receiving light from the sun, there is a light and a dark side of the moon...

You can see a tunel that so many people mention, saying there is a light on the other side of the tunel, when they are operated etc. That is a sign, that they are connected with Universum, Creator who gives hope for a happy end.

People don't beleive that we are connected with Creator of the energetic sistem, Universum. Now they can see fo themselves.


Plus and minus forces were balanced in this system until sick minds started to explore the Universe with their shuttles and destroy the Energy neccessary for the life on Earth.

That is how holes in Space were created, like there are holes in sailor nets in the sea.

These holes are now called Ozone holes, but they were not caused by gases, they were created by rockets and shuttles. Gases raise until determined height and then they return to Earth, contaminating food etc.





At the top there is the key and the root of the Energetic system. This means that a new life will appear when required conditions will be fulfiled. Not in our solar system, but in another one, right where the seals are.

These are all facts and nobody can refute them.'