The truth of life
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Open letter to Mr Hawking

Original manuscript

by lady Angela




In April 2004, Mexican Air Force pilots filmed 11 unidentified objects in the skies over southern Campeche state. What was that? Lady Angela saw these objects in her vision about two weeks before Mexican pilots actually spoted them!

"Pentagon doesn't understand the message, that the circles represented something..."





"The Creator sends his messages in simbols.

Center of energetical system has been broken, on Earth as well as in the Universe. That's the reason for various catastrophes, accidents and illnesses of all kinds..."

"Symbols also say that strange things will start to happen in America, explosions of energy are visible in people's heads..."



"I saw the sun and on each side of it two more suns, that don't transmit energy like the main sun. I can see how these circles are dividing and multiplying..."





"I've seen for a long time now a symbol on creator's head, whenever I close my eyes. This symbol is now travelling around the earth, that's why many things are being discovered, several crimes that many thought that they'll stay unpunished. It's the Judge of justice and nothing can't hide in front of him..."



"I can also see other symbols all around us, little blue bombs of gases rounded by gold when they explode..."