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digging.gif (4400 bytes)Orbit of Mars Test Kepler's laws of planetary motion by determining the orbit of Mars.
Orbit of Mars Inclination Excel spreadsheet to determine the inclination of Mars orbit.
digging.gif (4400 bytes)Model of Haley's Comet Using the orbital parameters for Haley's Comet a model of the comet's orbit during its passage near the Sun in 1910 A.D. will be constructed.
Ephemeris for a comet Excel spreadsheet to determine the ephemeris for near parabolic orbits (e ~ 1.0).
digging.gif (4400 bytes)  
Archimede's Principle Investigate Archimede's Principle by building a "freighter" and loading it with cargo.  Also study specific gravity using the "freighter" as a hydrometer.


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