ASTRONOMSKI KROZEK Gimnazije Sentvid, zahod Sonca za Triglavom

Summer solstice - sunset behind the highest Slovenian mountain Triglav

Sunset behind the highest Slovenian mountain, Triglav (altitude 2864 m), on 21 June 2012, between 18:35 and 18:45 UTC. If we observe the sunset from Šentvid - Ljubljana (60 km distance from Triglav) at the summer solstice, the Sun sets exactly behind Triglav. It is a very beautiful scene and event, marking the beginning of summer. Šentvid is a natural Stonehenge and in some ways the Sun setting behind Triglav can be seen as an artificial solar eclipse.
you can see a film of the sunset behind Triglav (taken on 21 June 2012 and 2011). On 7 August 1895 the blacksmiths and villagers from Šentvid made a Faraday Cage (a little turret named Aljažev stolp - Aljaž Turret), which they transported to the summit of Triglav to protect alpinists from thunderstorms (thunderbolts). So the Sun, the summer solstice, the mountain Triglav and the villagers from Šentvid have an authentic natural connection.
The Slovenian scientist Jožef Stefan (1835–1893) determined the temperature of the Sun's surface. Stefan obtained a value of 5700 K (the modern value is 5778 K). This was the first reasonable value for the temperature of the Sun. Stefan's law of emissive power (also known as the Stefan-Boltzmann law j = Stefans_const*T^4), was deduced by Jožef Stefan in 1879 on the basis of experimental measurements made by John Tyndall.

Vega Astronomical Society & AKG Šentvid - Slovenia.


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