[Screen shots]

Full screen
1024x768, 70k

Main dialog
487x328, 32k

Setup: General settings
487x436, 12k

Setup: Boot item password
487x436, 11k

Setup: Boot keys
487x436, 11k

Setup: Add boot item
478x385, 8k

Setup: Partition hiding
478x385, 11k

Preference: Graphics
478x385, 8k

Preference: Color settings
478x385, 9k

Preference: Mouse settings
478x385, 9k

Preference: XOSL password
478x385, 7k

Preference: Miscellaneous
478x385, 9k

About XOSL
469x308, 13k


Mar 22, 2001
New section at xosl.org: FAQs & HOWTOs

Jan 30, 2001
The XOSL project now available at xosl.sourceforge.net

Dec 23, 2000
XOSL 1.1.5 released. Minor enhancements, and includes (indirect) IDE CD-ROM booting support

Jul 3, 2000
XOSL Font viewer & creator released. Convert your favorite true type font to use with XOSL