As the title suggests, these are little more than notes about particular aspects of Romani. I'm presently working on translations of Romani grammars from various languages (a task hampered by the fact that I don't speak some of these languages), and hope to be able to compile all the information gained into a more structured form, but in the meantime this'll just have to do.


I is the feminine article and ending

O is the masculine article and ending

Greek influenced a shift from -m- to -v- in the middle of words (Skr. Naman, Hini nam, Eur.Rom. nav: name)

Greek influenced a shift from h to v or y at the beginning or middle of words (Skr. Hasta, Hindi hath, Eur.Rom. vast: hand)

F imported via Greek loan words (e.g. foros, town)

Armenian influenced a shift from "bh" (aspirated b) to "ph"

Ţigan as a verb in Romanian means to rip off 1.158,cf gyp, get gypped

Eur.Rom borrowings from Greek: words for heaven, week, Sunday, Friday, goose, dove, crow, magpie, peacock, cherry, raspberry, bone, broth, lead, copper, room, chair, doll, cradle, key, baton, tongs, saw, nail, plank, kettle, dish, soap, road, town, mansion, 7, 8, 9, 30, 40, 50)

Vlah Romani uses Romanian mai for comparative; c.f. Vlah mai terno , Welsh Romani terneder (younger) (6.303)

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