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Faac is distributed as free software under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), granting you the right to use, modify and redistribute the program under the very liberal terms of the LGPL. Source code is available under the same terms from

Please read this before downloading!


Latest stable version: 1.23.5
Operating System File name File size (B) Upload date Comments
AIX 4+ (RS/6000 Power/PowerPC) Faac-1235-aix4-rs6000.tar.gz 475.764 19/02/2004 none
BSDI BSD/OS 3 (x86) Faac-1235-bsdi3-x86.tar.gz 77.430 19/02/2004 none
BSDI/WindRiver BSD/OS 4+ (x86) Faac-1235-bsdi4-x86.tar.gz 298.227 19/02/2004 none
FreeBSD 3+ (x86) Faac-1235-freebsd-x86.tar.gz 261.259 19/02/2004 none
HP-UX 9+ (PA-RISC) Faac-1235-hpux-parisc.tar.gz 414.588 19/02/2004 none
Linux 2 (x86, libc5) Faac-1235-linux-x86-libc5.tar.gz 298.777 19/02/2004 none
Linux 2 (x86, libc6/glibc2) Faac-1235-linux-x86-libc6.tar.gz 264.864 19/02/2004 none
SCO UNIX, Open Desktop, Open Server (x86) Faac-1235-sco-x86.tar.gz 387.538 19/02/2004 none
SGI IRIX 5.3 (MIPS) Faac-1235-irix5-mips.tar.gz 381.870 22/02/2004 none
SGI IRIX 6 (MIPS) Faac-1235-irix6-mips.tar.gz 260.093 19/02/2004 none
SunOS 4 (Sparc) Faac-1235-sun4-sparc.tar.gz 413.512 19/02/2004 none
SunOS 5 Solaris 2+ (Sparc) Faac-1235-sun5-sparc.tar.gz 298.402 19/02/2004 none
SunOS 5 Solaris 2+ (x86) Faac-1235-sun5-x86.tar.gz 306.222 19/02/2004 none
Tru64 UNIX 5 (Alpha AXP) Faac-1235-tru64-axp.tar.gz 544.298 19/02/2004 none
UnixWare, Caldera Open Unix 8 (x86) Faac-1235-unixware-x86.tar.gz 267.372 19/02/2004 none

Latest unstable (development) version: 1.24
This version is intended for testers (and you can be tester, too).
Operating System File name File size (B) Upload date Comments
Windows (i586+) 121.523 18/04/2004 very stable

Old versions
Operating System File name File size (B) Upload date Comments

If you can (and want to) compile and send me binary (binaries) for other operating system(s) please send it (them).
But be sure that they are working and are optimized.

Source code

Source code with some portability modifications in order to successfully compile FAAC on all these platforms can be obtained here (version 1.23.5, 639.572 B, 19/02/2004).
The official source code can be obtained here.

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