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Aaron High End Amplifiers.
Abrahamsson High End Power Amplifiers.
Accuphase official web site.
Acoustic Energy 47 official web site.
Acurus amplifiers.
Adcom official web site.
Altec Lansing Corporation official page.
Ambiance Acoustics California Cube Loudspeaker System.
Ambiophonics Institute 21 The science of home music theater design.
Ambrosia audio vendor.
Anthem, more affordable line from Sonic Frontiers.
Applied Research and Technology. Signal processors for every musical application.
Aragon amplifiers.
Ashly Audio Inc.1 with amplifiers and more.
Audigo speakers official page.
Audio Concepts.55 Speaker products, electronics, cables and more.
Audiomatica srl, Florence, Italy.
Audio Mecca,1 Dick Olsher's corner on the net.
Audio Online Inc. Sound Clips, Graphics, and info on artists, engineers and producers.
AudioQuest cables.
AudioWeb,1 a general interest commercial site.
Avid Technology 52 Online.
Ayre Acoustics, Inc. amplifiers, official page.

Blaupunkt worldwide on the Internet.
Bose speakers official site.
Boston Acoustics High-quality speaker systems.
Brown Innovations Inc. the creator of the revolutionary Virtual Audio Imager.
Bryston Limited Company official web site.
B&W Bowers and Wilkins loudspeakers official web site.

California Audio Labs products.
Cambridge SoundWorks 1 official site.
Cardas official web site.
Carver Corporation official web site.
CES news 1 mostly about coming expos.
Chesky Records 1 with audiophile recordings.
Cliffhanger audio systems official site.
Counterpoint Electronic Systems, Inc. official page.
Creek Audio Limited. Amplifiers and CD Players.
Curcio Audio Engineering. Tube digital processors, pre and power amps.
CYBERFi magazine 1 with a new edition every friday!!!
Cyrus official site. Cyrus is part of the Mission Electronics Inc. group.

Dan Hildebrand's DIY speaker project. Satellite cabinets and subwoofers.
DAT-heads FAQ 1 tells you much about DAT.
DCC,1 what the format looked like before it died.
Deep Bass Cds. Test the bass extension of your speaker systems.
Definitive Audio. High-performance home entertainment systems.
Definitive Technology official Web site.
Denon products one the Audoi FX online shopping network.
Densen 63 Audio Technologies.
Digital audio papers 1 at
Digital Theater Page 59 Source for free, hot, secret news on home theater and HiFi products.
DIY amplifier 1 at
DIY amplifier project 1 at
DIY DAC,1 you can build it too.
DIY speaker by Dick Olsher 1 at
DIY speaker projects 1 at
DIY speakers 66 Spring DIY speaker page.
Dolby Laboratories Inc. official web site.
Dolby AC-3 info. Dolby AC-3 is a perceptual digital audio coding technique.
Doxa amplifiers1 info put up by one of many fans.
Dr. Stereo. Do you have a sick stereo system? The house call is back.
DVD info also known as Digital Versatile Disc.
DVD sound only format(High Quality Audio Disc) 1 proposed by ARA.
Dynaudio 47 North America site.
Dynaudio for DIY speakers1 at

Eastern Audio Limited, supplier of audio visual rentals and service in Newfoundland.
EAW Inc. Speaker products (also used by leading entertainers, like Van Halen and Hootie).
Ed Berger's Audio Page. A gallery of classic vacuum tube audio equipment.
Electronic Safari. An Audio Video Home Electronics Specialty Store.
Electronics Reference. 6 Glossary of terms, audio and video tehcnology handbook.
Electrostatic Loudspeakers,1 description of how they are made.
ELP Laser Turntable 1 reads vinyl with laser ......
Eminent Technology 8 Inc. High-end tonearms, planar magnetic and computer loudspeakers.
Evacuated Envelopes 23 The on-line valve amp magazine.

Fanfare FM tuners.
Fisher official web site.
Fundamental Introduction to the Compact Disc Player by Prof. Dr. Kevin M. Buckley.

Glass Audio, magazine at AudioWeb.
Gold Aero official web site.
Goldmund official web site.
Good Sound for Cheap FAQ a guide by Marlon Feld.
Grado headphones products.
Graham Engineering 54 Maker of high performance unipivot tonearms.
Grahams Hi-Fi. U.K. audio vendor.
Grundig 34 Online.
Grundig's Performing Arts with VRML files.

Halfin S.A. Electron Tubes Division.
Hayes Fractal Loudspeakers. Home cinema entertainment and studio monitoring.
HDCD info 1 by AudioFX
Heatherdale Audio 37 Sale of new and second-hand Hi-end audio equipment.
Herbert L. Singleton Jr.'s Audio & LaserDisc info/links,1 a general interest site.
HiFi Pages. A general HiFi page maintained by Robert Lundemo Aas.
Hi-Fi Video Music Center (in Italian).
High End Audio Homepage, dedicated to high end audio.
High Definition Audio digital sound prosessor.
High Performance Review magazine at AudioWeb.
Holophonics 1 at
Home Automation Systems Inc. Supplier of home audio/video control.
Home Theater Technology Online 1 has some reviews of Hifi-equipment too.
The Horn Speaker Home Page for people who build their own horn speakers.

Infinity official site.
The Internet Recommended Components List.

Jamo speakers.
Jeff Rowland products.
Jitter-info 1 at
JL Audio, Inc. Components, subwoofers, car audio, ...
Jute on Amps. 7 André Jute's opinion on transistor and valve amps.
JVC Professional WWW site.

KB Acoustics 36 software for critical speaker/listener placement.
KEF Home THX System.
Kenwood 34 Online.
Kenwood Communications official web site.
Kicker Audio 51 Subwoofers, speakers, coaxials, crossovers, amplifiers, etc.
Klipsch loudspeakers official web site.
Klipsch Cornwall 44 The unofficial Klipsch Cornwall page.
Kludge Audio. Kludge Audio provides a variety of location and studio recording services.
The Knekt. Jim Tate Stereo, Australia. Linn.
Koss official web site. Headphones and computer speakers.
Kurzweil Music Systems' Web presence.

Lab.Gruppen power amplifiers.
Leper's Musical Circuits Archive. A huge collection of circuits.
Level Control Systems 15 An award-winning line of audio control equipment and software.
LinearX Systems Inc. Home to LEAP, LMS, PcRta, Pac3, PcRtaJr.
Linear-X FTP site for analysis software upgrades
Linn WWW Home Page, Scotland. Products, general info.
Linn Stereo Equipment. Weird looking page but have a look anyway.
Listener magazine at AudioWeb.
Louis Lung's Speaker project
Low Voltage Home Pre-Wire Guide DIY Installation Information.
Lowther-Voigt 38 speaker drivers. Information at the Lowther-Voigt Club of Norway.
Lucasfilm's THX Home Page. All the different THX standards.

Machina Dynamica platforms, designed to isolate turntables, CD's, preamps and other audio eq.
Madisound speaker components.
Madrigal Audio Laboratories official Web site.
Magnavox 6 official web site.
Mailorder FAQ 1 at
M&K Sound Corporation official Web site.
Manley Labs 52 Online. Microphone preamps, DI’s and equalizers, amplifiers, ...
Marantz official web site.
Marchand Electronics, Inc.
Mark Levinson official web site.
Mark Levinson 1 presented by AudioFX
ME Technologies 68 Quality HiFi Amplifiers.
ME Technologies 68 new web site.
Meridian Audio official web site.
Michael Green Audio Video Designs 41 leader of high end audio's resonance tuning movement.
Michell Engineering 35 manufacturer of turntables and amplifiers, unofficial homepage.
Milbert Amps, Inc. TAmp Hybrid Tube Amplifier.
MIT 1 presented by AudioFX
Mobile Audio Page. Car audio.
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab 1 with audiophile editions of records.
Mondial Designs 30 Manufacturers of Acurus and Aragon.
Monitor Audio High-Performance Audio/Video Speakers.
Monster Cable 34 HiFi interconnect cables.

NAD 56 official web site.
NAD HiFi Components, Australian Web site.
Naim 63 Audio Home Page.
Newform Research 57 Large ribbon based loudspeakers suitable for pure audio or home theatre.
Newspage news about Consumer Audio Products 1 news every day.
NHT 1 presented by AudioFX
Nirvana Audio Accessories official web site.
Norman Audio
Now Hear This 30 speakers.
NPR Audio
NuReality Home Page.

Onkyo official web site.
Op-amps and more 1 at
Opamp Labs Inc.. Manufacturers of AV Electronic Systems & Components.

Panasonic 17 official web site.
Paradigm.26 High Definition Speaker Systems.
Paris HiFi 95
A Passive Pre-amp by Dan Hildebrand.
The Parts Connection official Web site. Under construction!
Philips official web site.
Philips Sound & Vision
Philips Semiconductors
Pioneer 44 Home Page.
Polk Audio 51 The speaker specialists.
Positive Feedback magazine at AudioWeb.
Premier Audio Video
Proceed official web site.
Proceed 1 presented by AudioFX
Purist Audio Design 29 audio cables, electronics, speakers and accessories.

QED Audio Products 33 specializing in HiFi accessories, Speaker Cables, etc.
Quad 63 Electroacoustics.
Quad ESL speakers references.

Rage Audio 68 High End Audio service, sales and retailer.* FAQ 11 Frequently Asked Questions in* newsgroups. digest 1 and more ....
Recoton wireless speakers.
Rogers 63 speakers.
Rotel products.

Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity journal dedicated to the enjoyment of AV.
SEEC 39 Int. Audio Systems. Hi-end audio equipment.
Select Marketing 9 ADA, Bohlender-Graebener, and Counterpoint among high end audio.
Sennheiser official web site. Microphones and headphones.
The Sensible Sound e-mail address 1 (
Sheldon's Audio Designs 1 at
Silicon Audio,1 music on a chip.
SimPhonics Inc. 14 Real-time digital audio systems, DSP hardware and peripherals.
Snell Acoustics official web site.
Solar Audio high quality custom loudspeakers.
Sonic Design 4 offers high end audio accessories for Hi-Fi loudspeakers and loudspeaker design.
Sonic Frontiers, Inc. official web site. Under construction!
Sonic Frontiers 1 presented by AudioFX
Sony High Fidelity official web site.
Soundscape 42 Gallery of Unique Audio + Video. Authorized dealers for many fine lines of hifi.
Soundstage,1 a general interest site.
SoundWave Professional Music Industry World Wide Web Site.
Souno 1 journal(in Italian) with some articles available in PDF.
Sound Practices magazine at AudioWeb.
SoundSite, a general interest audio web site.
Sovtek home of Sovtek and Electro-Harmonix.
Speaker Building Page by Roy Viggo Pedersen.
SpeakerBuilder magazine at AudioWeb.
Stereo Cabinet by Dan Hildebrand.
Stereo Equipment Mark Verber's opinions on stereo equipment.
Stereotype 1 journal (in Hebrew).
StudioLAB Audio 60 manufacturs loudspeakers for professional and home use.
Sumo products official web site.
Surreal to Real Ads Used Equipment Notice Board.
Surround Sound FAQ.
Symfonia with Australian High-End Audio.
System presentations index.1 You may get some ideas here...

Tandberg audio products.
Tannoy On-Line. Monitoring Loudspeakers.
TAS e-mail address 1 ( for subscribing and circulation problems.
THX Home Page official Web site.
Totally Tubular magazine at AudioWeb.
Tube Gear by Dan Hildebrand.
Turntables by Dan Hildebrand.


Vacuum Tube Audio Page. Sort of a FAQ on tube hi-fi.
Vacuum Tube Valley magazine at AudioWeb.
Van L. Speakerworks 3 official web site.
Velodyne Acoustics 30 speakers.
Velodyne presented by AudioFX
Verity Audio.22 High-end domestic loudspeakers.
The Voodoo of CD Mastering 1 from the sonic, ddesign, and daw-mac mailing lists and more.
VTL tube amplifiers official web site.

Wadia, the leader in signal conversion. Company, products, anthology.
Welborne Labs. High quality audio kits and electronic components.
Westlake Audio HiFi speakers official web site.
Wilson Audio official web site. Loudspeakers (WAMM, WATT/Puppy, ...)
Wiring your home,1 a guide.
World of Audio,1 a general interest page for pros.

Yamaha official site. Under construction.
Yahoo has a nice collection of audio links.
Yahoo 4 audio companies.

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