No Remembrance, No Comradeship (video)

About Remembrance
During the Second World War, Ljubljana was enclosed with by a barbwire fence for 1171 days. The fence was meant to separate the town from the hinterland. In its place, there is now a 35 km long public walkway called the Trail of Remembrance and Comradeship. Although it is a monument, since 1991 the Trail of Remembrance and Comradeship has been increasingly referred to, even in official maps, as the Trail or the Green Ring.

About Comradeship
In the summer of 2005 we invited a number of friends to join us, each first Sunday in the month, on a bicycle trip along the Trail of Remembrance and Comradeship. Most of them reacted to our invitation, morally supporting the project, but for a variety of reasons no one ever joined us.




The R enaming  Machine
Jakopič Gallery, Ljubljana

12 - 19 June 2008
Curated by Suzana Milevska

Interrupted Histories
Moderna galerija / Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana
14 March - 28 May 2006
Curated by Zdenka Badovinac

The video 'No Remembrance, No Comradeship' was exhibited together with Dejan Habicht's photos The Trail of Remembrance and Comradeship.


"Although the participation in the work failed in this case, the work nonetheless achieved its goal; the quality of this type of works is not measured by the actual success or failure of participatory involvement."

Zdenka Badovinac
Ra/i/sed Memory (

Tanja Lazetic