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Railway Stations from Vienna to Istanbul in Alphabetical Order

10,4 x 15 cm, 48 pages, softcover, offset-printed, sewn, edition of 300
8 €

Monuments to the unknown Heroes

12 x 17 cm, 80 pages, softcover, offset-printed, signed,
numbered, edition of 100
26 €

I got into the habit of cutting out newspaper photos of various groups of people who had found themselves in particularly exceptional circumstances. The people in the pictures represent events so out of the ordinary that they found their way into the papers. Although these same events in many instances profoundly impacted the lives of the people in the pictures, we never learn the people’s names.


13 x 20 cm, 404 pages, softcover, signed, open edition

35 €

I photographed the food types one after the other and then noted down their name and where it comes from. In this way a document has been compiled with 400 sorts of fruit and vegetables, including a list of their respective homelands.


33 books in box, books size13 x 20 cm,  softcover, 2012

ABCED books were available for one year only.

ABCED is only coolaborative work of an informal group of artists ABC (Artist's Book Cooperative)All 33 books are of uniform size and all are titled with a single word ending in -ed (a simple thing to accomplish in English). At the same time, this is a reference to one of the pioneers - and the most prominent representative – of the modern artist's book Ed Ruscha.

ABCED books set were available for one year only.

Colored and Exploded are my books in the series.

Link on video Exploded.

And Not a Drop of Milk

15 x 23 cm, 40 pages, softcover, 
book preview
19 €

Ed Ruscha published a book entitled Various Small Fires and Milk. The cover reveals merely the first part of the title: Various Small Fires. The full title can be read on the inside. And Not a Drop of Milk is a book about something that does not exist. Not because we cannot see it, but because it truly does not exist. It could be hunger.

Link on video documentation of performance And Not a Drop of Milk at the Whitechapel Gallery, London on 22 September 2012 HERE.


15 x 23 cm, 66 pages, softcover, 
book preview
23 €

I have been taking photographs of these lines since 2004. At first I was surprised how rarely the sky above us is without any. Straight lines in the sky speak of human dominance. They also indicate that I do not live at an end point. Ljubljana is a flyover town. I was also reminded of the time of war in Bosnia and the shelling of Belgrade. I remember hearing the bomber planes at night. We could hear them all through the night, they were loud, we knew they were there, we knew they carried death, and we knew we were not the target.

More about Nowhere.

Hotel Kumrovec

15 x 23 cm, 80 pages, softcover,  book
23 €

The receptionist at the Hotel Kumrovec is worried about the plants that are engulfing the building. No guest has stayed in this hotel for years. The modernist architecture of the complex looks as though it had dropped here from some other place. The only reason for this building being here, far away from any major roads or intersections or even towns, is that the village of Kumrovec is the birth place of Tito, the erstwhile President of the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia.

More about Hotel Kumrovec.
Link on video Hotel Kumrovec.

Wherever I am not

15 x 23 cm, 68 pages, softcover,  book preview

23 €

Every day, from July 16th to August 12th 2000, a new image from another live web-cam helped me outline a journey around Evrope. Writing greetings from places I haven't visited allowed me to walk on the border of two worlds. At the end, I sent a letter with an explanation of my virtual travels.

More about Wherever I am not.

Orange Cloud and Palm Trees

15 x 23 cm, 40 pages, softcover, 
book preview
19 €

I took an image of a nuclear explosion and cut out the section with the fire and the smoke. This I then chopped up into little squares and composed the orange cloud through the book like a very simple jigsaw puzzle. Unlike the fire, the palm trees are always occupy the entire page. They have also been cut out of the same image. They are only details, but we can see that soon very little will remain of them. I wanted the book to be viewed like one would watch a film.


Publisher: International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC), Ljubljana, 2010
Softcover; signed, edition of 100;
offset-printed;18,4 x 24 cm, 36 p.
price on request

In 1977, Sanja Iveković made a book the Tragedy of a Venus, juxtaposing in it photographs of Marilyn Monroe with her own photos. I have photographed her book, printed it out, and stamped each page with the word whore. I put a photo of myself, also stamped with whore, on the cover. Sanja’s work was about the relationship between fame and everyday life. Today, with reality shows, anyone can have their five minutes of fame. Everyday life and fame are intertwined, with money in between.

More about Whore.

Twentysix Gasoline Stations Only

Self-Published, Ljubljana, 2010

Softcover; unsigned, edition of 100; offset-printed;17,5 x 25 cm, 44 p.
30 €

From the gas station Petrol in Ljubljana where I live, the book follows a journey back to
Sarajevo where my grandfather was born.

More about Twentysix gasoline Stations Only.

Nine Swimming Pools Behind a Broken Glass

Self-Published, Ljubljana, 2010
Softcover; unsigned, edition of 100;
offset-printed; 13 x 18 cm, 36 p.
40 €

I found some photos of bathers in swimming pools in some old Yugoslavian tourist brochures. They were
taken at more or less the same time American artist Edward Ruscha took his photographs of swimming pools for his book Nine Swimming Pools and a Broken Glass (1968). The Los Angeles pools were in the yards of luxurious homes, private and empty. The Yugoslavian pools were their exact opposite.

More about Nine Swimming Pools Behind Broken Glass.

Coloured People in Black in White (Yellow)

Publisher: P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Institute
, Ljubljana, 2010
Softcover; unsigned, edition of 150; offset-printed;13 x 18 cm, 36 p.,  
35 €

Eight pieces of fruit from eight different countries are portrayed in black and white photographs along with their negative images. The book is an allusions on Jonathan Monk's play on Ed Ruscha's 1972 Colored People.

Look inside.


Self-Published, Ljubljana, 2010
Softcover; signed, open edition; 21x 15 cm, 12 p.
13 €

I have been taking photographs of the vapor trails airplanes leave behind in the sky since 2004. At first I was surprised how rarely the sky above us is without any. Straight lines in the sky speak of human dominance. They also indicate that I do not live at anend point. Ljubljana is a flyover town.

More about Nowhere.

The Strawberry

Self-Published, Ljubljana, 2001/2009
Softcover; signed, open edition; 23 x 21 cm, 32 p.
40 €

From April to June I was artist in residence in the "KulturKontakt Gastatelier program" in Vienna. I wrote a postcard to my mother every day. I wrote about what I ate and even though the cards were for her I never sent them.

More about The Strawberry.

Potato Leaf

Self-Published, Ljubljana, 2008
Softcover; signed, open edition; 29,7 x 21 cm, 32 p.
49 €

More about Potato Leaf.

Berlin Zoo, 1965-2006

Self-Published, Ljubljana, 2007
Softcover; signed and numbered; First edition of 15; Second editions of 15; Third edition of  25; 21 x 15 cm, 16 p. (23

The book of color photographs documents Berlin over a span of 40 years. The
images are bracketed by
two photographs of a lion dozing in captivity in the Berlin Zoo, one taken in 1965 and the other in 2006. While Berlin struggled through momentous changes, the lion's situation remained remarkably the same.

More about Berlin Zoo, 1965-2006.

Dialogue in the Kitchen, Volume I.

Izdajatelj: Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E., Ljubljana, 2006
podpisana, odprta izdaja; 21 x 29,7 cm, 32 strani
5 €

Intervjuji z enajstimi slovenskimi umetnicami in umetniki o njihovem delu, željah, interesih, možnostih preživetja in pogojih za delo umetnikov v Sloveniji.

PDF file  (v slovenščini)


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