1997 - Modality


Monday, June 2

Bob Hale (Univ. of Glasgow): "On some arguments for the necessity of necessity"
Philip Percival (Univ. of Glasgow): "Two boxes - metaphysical and logical"
Richard Parker: "Culpability and Intentional Context"
Scott Shalkowski (Univ. of Leeds): "Metaphysical Necessity as Absolute Necessity"
Peter Menzies (Macquarie University, Sydney): "Chancy causation"

Tuesday, June 3

Carsten Hansen (Univ. of Oslo): "Realism and Modality"
Kati Balog: "Revenge of the Zombies" - on Jackson`s conceivability argument
Alberto Voltolini (Univ. of Palermo, Italy): "Contingent and Necessary Identities"
Crawford Elder (Univ. of Connecticut): "Essential Properties and Coinciding Objects"
Nenad Miscevic (Univ. of Maribor): "Essentialism: psychological and scientific"
Katalin Farkas (Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest): "Essentialism and natural kinds"

Wednesday, June 4

Mark Brown (Syracuse): "Modal logic as experimental philosophy"
Stephen Read (Univ. of St Andrews, Scotland): "Logic is Universal"
Andrej Ule (Univ. of Ljubljana): "Modal logic of processes"
Eugene Mills (Virginia Comm.): "A Fripkean theory of names"
Michael Felber (Univ. of Munich): "On Some Conditions of Possibility in Wittgenstein's Tractatus"
Laszlo Imre Komlosi (Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest): "Modality in discourse as shifting frames of reference"

Thursday, June 5

Ullin T. Place (Univ. of Leeds; University of Wales Bangor): "De Re modality without possible worlds"
Mylan Engel (Northern Illinois University): "Epistemic vs. Metaphysical Possibility in Philosophy of Religion"
Anthony Dardis (Hofstra University): "A modal argument against a sparse ontology of properties"
Greg Ray (Univ. of Florida): "There is no Metaphysical Necessity"
Howard Robinson (ELTE): "Some simple problems with the combinatorial theory of possibility"
Barry Loewer (Rutgers): "Humean Supervenience"

Friday, June 6

Danilo Suster (Univ. of Maribor): "Modality and Supervenience"
Reinhardt Grossman (Indiana Univ.): "The Ontological Meaning of Necessity"
Ferenc Huoranszki (CE Univ. Budapest): "Intentions, Propositions, and Modality"
David M. Armstrong (Univ. of Sydney): "The open Door, Counterfactual versus Singularist Theories of Causation"
Bojan Zalec (Univ. of Ljubljana): "France Veber and modality"
Miklavz Vospernik (Univ. of Ljubljana): "Measurment and Realism"

Saturday, June 7 - student sessions

Jan Bregant (Univ. of Maribor), Majda Trobok (Univ. of  Rijeka), Gorazd Andrejc (Univ. of  Maribor), Andrej Pavesic (Univ. of  Ljubljana), Nastja Markovic (Univ. of  Maribor), Matija Arko (Univ. of  Maribor), Daniel Jausovec (Univ. of  Maribor), Ciril Kosednar (Univ. of  Maribor), Kristina Merhart (Univ. of  Maribor), Borut Cerkovnik (Univ. of  Ljubljana)