Bled Philosophical Conferences
Bled Philosophical Conferences 
1995 - Metaphysics


MONDAY, June 12, 1995

9:30 Welcome
10:00 Corliss Swain: The troubled heart of folk psychology
11:00 Philip Peterson: Singular (non)existence propositions
2:00 Johanna Seibt: Why one and the same is not one and the same
3:00 Jay Rosenberg: On a certain antinomy: properties, concepts and objects in space
4:00 Matjaz Potrc: Basic semantic unit


9:00 Bojan Zalec: Theory  of categories
10:00 Joan Weiner: Burge's literal interpretation of Frege
11:00 Uwe Meixner: Events and their reality
2:00 Mark Kaplan: Must epistemology be true?
3:00 Nenad Miscevic: Response dependence and realism
4:00 David Owens: Evidence


9:00 Ausonio Marras: Davidson's principle of causation and the efficacy of mental properties
10:00 Janet Levin: Folk psychology, simulation theory and the first person
11:00 Igor Jerman: Continuity of living entities according to classical and quantum biology
2:00 Mark Heller: How to be an ersatzist about possible worlds?
3:00 Erwin Tegtmeier: Parmenides' problem of becoming and its solution
4:00 Jim O'Shea: Kant's Metaphysics of matter


9:00 Dunja Jutronic: Is language an abstract entity?
10:00 Ullin T. Place: Metaphysics as the empirical study of the interface between language and reality
11:00 Simon Blackburn: Strawson, relativization and truth
2:00 Artut Stern: Metaphysical gene
3:00 David Sanford: Temporal parts, portions and slices: an excercise in naive mereology
4:00 Bojan Borstner: Ontological Status of States of Affairs


9:00 Danilo Suster: Causal Power and Counterfactual Power
10:00 Olga Markic: Implementation and Reductionism
11:00 Howard Robinson: Linguisitc Vagueness and Metaphysical Realism
2:00 Chris Gauker: Domain of Discourse
3:00 George Pappas: Epistemic Base Principles